Letters to the Editor
March 16, 2017

To the Editor:
Please accept my sincere thank you 's for the Mountain View Signal, and crosswalk.
Today the signage showing school children crossing, and the speed limit change, have been installed.
California is a big state with many opportunities for upgrades and safety protocols. Our community is small but
Hwy 126 has major traffic issues , speed being the paramount one.
I am not aware of the extent of signage and other badly needed speed control devices you are considering .
The remaining Hwy 126 issue is the eastern bound traffic starting at the Pole creek over pass, to the City limits at the Rail road tracks. I know we have discussed this ,this is a much needed attention issue. There are 302 residences in the El Dorado mobile home park . Approximately 1200 plus residents living here. As you know I have shared pictures of the accidents we have had at the driveway onto HWY 126. The need to provide a safe transit in and out of the mobile home park has yet to be implemented. ( the excessive speed of traffic precludes safe transition on to the HWY)
Please share any planning you may be in consideration of implementing, to slow the speeding traffic down.
Again Cal Trans Thank you.
Raymond S Brown Sr.