Letters to the Editor
March 14, 2024

To the Editor;

The idea that we are a Christian nation because of something someone did in St. Augustine in 1565 is absurd. By that logic, we should all be speaking Spanish. The Establishment Clause settles it, as you well know.
That said, it’s not just fair but imperative to ask the question, what best reflects my values?
I ask again, what policies would Jesus support?

Razor wire in the Rio Grande or a pathway for Dreamers?

Tax cuts for the uber wealthy or anti-poverty programs?

As for character, the candidate you support is inarguably the poster child for the seven deadly sins. Becoming more evident with each passing day.

Would Jesus let the people of Ukraine die at the hands of an invading dictator when he had the means to help them? Would Jesus separate parents and children at the border with no plan to reunite them?

We have a bipartisan bill ready to go that addresses both Ukraine and the border. A good effort led by a Republican, Senator Lankford, who’s been stabbed in the back because the “Dear Leader” needs a campaign talking point to stay out of jail.
What part of this is Christian? To proclaim Christian, be Christian.

Pat Collins,
Fillmore, Ca.