Letters to the Editor
March 10, 2021

Tothe Editor:
Second Opinion.
Your poetic appreciation for the mighty bird nearly brought tears to my eyes. I did not realize that your only-sometimes-crusty exterior housed such a sensitive soul! I appreciate, too, your agreement on “Relican Party” as an apt nickname for the formerly-GOP. True, it is not repugnant or insulting, as is the four-letter word you called the Democratic Party, but then I have not had that much experience with vermin. I kid Martin.
I am hoping that a Relican will explain something to me. What does your Party stand for? It looks like it stands for Trump, with all the manic, vengeful, and self-interested energy that implies, and for his “beautiful people” who stormed the Congress in Trump’s War on the Capitol, who are eager to swallow The Big Lie that he won the last presidential election. Apparently, they believe that every court in the land, and many Relican elections officials, conspired against poor Donald to deny him his prize. But Donald has always thought that it’s a conspiracy if he doesn’t prevail. And, miraculously, failure is never his fault.
To correct the "fraudulent election (The Big Lie) and ensure future elections for themselves, Relican legislatures are introducing bills to suppress the vote, and they freely admit they can't win otherwise. In GA, there is a bill that would make it a misdemeanor to offer water to people waiting in line to vote. This is the kind of country Relicans want?
In an all-night session, Democrats passed S-1 (HR-1), which includes a new round of up-to $1,400 stimulus checks for millions of Americans, $350 billion for cash-strapped cities and states, $130 billion for schools, and other sizable sums for a wide array of programs including food and rental assistance, coronavirus vaccine distribution, and $300/week in unemployment payments until early September. To keep people going until the virus is under control and make schools safe. We’ll see if the progressive House will accept the compromise win. I hope so.
Following passage, Senate Minority Leader McConnell (R-KY) complained that the bill was not passed "honestly" because, in reconciliation, a Relican minority could not block the legislation.
Last week, the “golden bull” of CPAC filed a “cease and desist order” to stop the RNC from using the Trump Name in their political ads if the intended recipient has voted for his impeachment or criticized him. He purports to be the “head of the Party,” but they can’t use his precious, potentially money-making name-recognition for the benefit of the Party. Why does the Relican Party put up with his peevish displays of avarice and ego and that of their congressionals?
So, GOP, what makes the Trump Act compelling? That he will incite to riot against our country to “save it” for people like himself, wealthy, white, Americans? That the only things that excite his attention are people who dispute him? That, in a democratic republic, only one voice should be heard, and it should be the one who doesn’t give a tinker’s dam about his fellow citizens or even fellow Relicans? What is the fatal attraction?
Kelly Scoles,