Letters to the Editor
March 1, 2023

To the Editor:
While you and I share views about the importance of the Russian War against Ukraine, I disagree that the conflict supersedes the home-grown threats to our democracy. The pressure and conflict in Europe and Asia are world-wide and inevitable, and not just to military interests. The economy and power of China has been snapping at our heels, and our voracious appetite for plentiful and cheap goods has helped fuel that. Russia is at the mercy of a bitter and possibly deranged dictator. You want to weapon-up rather than give diplomacy a shot at avoiding an immediate horrific world war. I think our first responsibility is to confront the “loaded and locked” battle we have going on now in our own country. Only we can solve this conflict.
I understand that you and others want to avert your eyes from those who have contributed so mightily to our present political threat, and Fox is one of the chief architects though they doll it up as a “cultural conflict” to capture the alarm of religious and racial interests. But the country is about to reckon with the fact that “fair and balanced” and “News” are oxymorons when used to describe Fox.
“Wokeness” is vilified as a liberal scourge. A lot of it is ridiculous, e.g., re-writing Raoul Dahl’s books eliminating words like “fat” so as not to offend anyone. However, the Right in this country is doing the very same thing under a different principle. They are replacing “wokeness” with “autocratic government control” of the culture: ban books, allow only government- approved books, rewrite history for a “feel good” experience, refuse to admit the humanity of LBGTQ persons, assert ownership of a female’s pregnant uterus, propose balancing the budget on the backs of the poor, reward the morbidly rich, accept no responsibility for failure, and attack opponents as morally repugnant or criminal (truth optional). I’d say that’s a significant national threat.
It is absolutely no surprise that management has ordered Fox hosts not to reveal or mention the fact of the Dominion lawsuit on-air. They do not want to spread the truth. Their viewers will not stand for it.
Even Fox hosts have admitted privately that Dominion did not commit election fraud. The legal questions you anticipate will occur in a court of law where the concept of “actual malice” is understood and mere assertions of guilt or innocence are worthless.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
This past week we’ve heard a lot about East Palestine Ohio. A train carrying cancer causing vinyl chloride derailed. Under fear the chemical would cause an explosion, it was determined by authorities it would be best to release it into a trench and burn it off. Residents within a one-mile distance were told to evacuate. Most have returned home to find problems with the water in the creeks and a host of health issues relating to air safety. The EPA and FEMA, as well of other entities, have come to the city and have offered help and testing to address the residents’ concerns. I’m sure it will be years before problems come to light and the matters are rectified as we’ve seen in response to other disasters like Love Canal, Camp Lejeune, and Hinkley.
Regardless, many got on the wagon pointing a finger at the previous administration. Joy Behar on the View stated, referring to Trump, “It’s his fault . . . “. She also indicated that it was East Palestine’s fault by saying, “That’s who you voted for . . . “, referring to Trump. Prior to his visit 20 days after the accident, Pete Buttigieg, the famous Secretary of Transportation had the audacity to weigh in stating, “We’re constrained by law on some areas of rail regulation,” and cited “the braking rule withdrawn by the Trump administration in 2018 because of a law passed by Congress in 2015.”
Under Obama it was required to restudy the efficacy and costs regarding the brake system requirements and to repeal the requirement if there wasn’t going to be any benefit. As a result, Trump was obligated to repeal it when it was confirmed those factors applied.
Actually, what caused the derailment was an ungreased wheel bearing and the axle broke. Even NTSB Chair Jennifer Homendy put to rest the misinformation and untruths by pointing out if Trump upheld the rule, the rule would not have applied as the train did not carry material classified as high-hazard flammable.
Even after the truth was disclosed, misinformation, disinformation and lies about Trump and East Palestine continue to be spread on the internet, Twitter, and throughout mainstream media. Truth and reality are relevant.
Patti Walker,