Letters to the Editor
June 6, 2013

To the Editor:
I would like to say thanks to all of the following who so graciously donated time and effort with the 2013 May Festival Parade: to Sonshine Pre-School for electricity and space for the Judges to work; Eddie and Brenda Ortiz of Super Seal and Stripe for providing, delivering and picking up the flatbed truck for the Judges Stand; to Santa Paula Pilot’s Association for the Fly-over; to William L. Morris for all of the vehicles provided for the various parade entrants; to Evelyn Hasty and the Chamber for your help fielding phone calls, emails and applications; to Nikki Scott, Trevor Scott, Hellena Replogle, Lynn Cole and Tyler Stump for your help with line up, directions, running scores and info to judges, answering a multitude of questions and keeping everything running smooth; to Darlene Holmes and Amber Holmes for manning the sign in booth, making last minute changes, corrections, additions in such an organized fashion as well as answering many questions and offering directions; to Deputy Leo Vasquez and the Explorers for all of your help with traffic control and barricades; to Ron Smith who was always such a gracious, happy helper with whatever we needed and then some. From barricades, tables and chairs, directing traffic, helping with the line up, setting up and breaking down and taking down no parking signs. To EAG and your beautiful bride for use of the GEM car, it was much appreciated more than you can ever know! To Tyler Stump for help with the set up and break down of the equipment for the judges/announcers stand. Thank you to the Citizens of Fillmore for enduring the road closures, especially those who live on Shiells Drive and surrounding streets, for putting up with all of the traffic and no parking on parade day; to all of the parade entrants for your patience and cooperation. Last but not least, to RJ for announcing of the parade and for all of your help and support leading up to parade day. Our Fun Fillmore May Festival Parade would not be possible without any of you! Thank You So Very Much!!!
Joni Stump

Following is a categorical listing of the parade winners:
1st Place Little Miss Sweetheart Petite Miss Queen Selena Olivia Torres & Baby Miss Princess Sophia Grace Torres
2nd Place Today’s Raiders / Tomorrow’s Flashes
3rd Place Perce’s Kenpo Karate
Walking Groups:
1st Place Sonshine Pre-School
2nd Place Boys & Girls Club Santa Clara Valley
3rd Place Bardsdale 4-H
1st Place Ventura County Model A Club
2nd Place Cinco De Mayo Court Senior Queen Sandra Rojos
3rd Place Cinco De Mayo Court Jr. Princess Andria Hernandez
1st Place Charros De Paloma
2nd Place Wells Fargo
3rd Place Ventura County Sheriff’s Posse

For those of you who were unable to attend the awards ceremony immediately following the parade, your award may be picked up in the Chamber Office Monday thru Friday during normal business hours. Please give Evelyn a call and let her know when you will be coming by, (805) 524-0351.
Joni Stump


To the Editor:
The flag is and always will be a piece of cloth that many of us fought for to keep flying. To treat it like a rag and abuse it is beyond my comprehension.
This flag stomping is something I cannot believe without some reason. Why would anyone walk into a room full of 14 year olds and throw the flag to the floor and stomp it?
These students chose the flag as a project. Jennifer Fitzpatrick teaches by challenging and making the student think. It required demonstrations of how the flag was used in so many ways. Question’s of why, when, where, how, and etc. The project was a huge success and I’m sure she is very proud of her students.
This teacher is a professional.
Forgive the spiteful they know not what they do.
Robert Hansen


To the Editor:
Recently we as individuals and as a nation observed Memorial Day. All across our nation millions of flags were flown. The most moving scenes were those of cemeteries where fields of flags flew over the graves of our brave service men and women, honoring those who served to protect and defend our freedoms.
One of those freedoms is the freedom of speech. The First Amendment.
It has been reported that in Fillmore High School one of the teachers exercised her freedom of speech by throwing the flag of the United Sates on the floor of her classroom and stomping on it. This happened in an English language arts class. What were they studying? Perhaps Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals?
The school board and district, along with their legal counsel, see no problem with her behavior. On the other hand, I do. I want the teacher to further exercise her freedom of speech and issue an apology and an explanation for her classroom behavior.
Marla DeSha


To the Editor:
I want to recognize and thank Mr. William L. “Chappy” Morris, at Morris Chevrolet in Fillmore for “making it right.”
A few years ago (from a different dealer) I bought a cute little Chevy Aveo that was great on mileage. The not-so-cute part was that it kept leaving me stranded everywhere. Since the factory warranty was still in place Mr. Morris’ Chevrolet repair shop repaired it, twice. After having it stall while driving in the fast lane of the 405 freeway and after being left stranded at the top of Grimes Canyon in the late afternoon, my husband and I had had enough with the little car. My beloved mother had recently passed away as well and this lemon of a car was adding to our stress.
As I walked to retrieve some personal items from the car as it waited to be repaired yet again, I bumped into Chappy. He must have seen the look on my face and asked what was going on. At the end of our conversation (and half a box of Kleenex), he told me that he was going to “make this right.”
I want you all to know that all the horrors and stress with my little car have now been erased my memory banks. Chappy had his patient, attentive salesman, Anthony Hernandez, show me the cars on the lot that same afternoon. Let me tell you, my husband Art and I got a wonderful, wonderful deal. We could not be happier with our brand new 2013 Chevy Cruze. It’s a beautiful car, rides super smooth, gets great mileage and has just been the answer to our prayers. Did I tell you it was a wonderful, wonderful deal? You would not believe it if I put it in this newspaper – but catch us on the street and you too will be headed to this Fillmore dealership immediately!
Thank you, Chappy, you restored my faith in the auto business. May you and your family always be blessed and your good heart be rewarded for your kindness and compassion to me on that terrible, terrible day.
Norma Pérez-Sandford