Letters to the Editor
June 5, 2019

To the Editor:
By way of background, I grew up in Thousand Oaks. I began piano lessons when I was four, then added ballet, tap, Spanish, and cartooning. I also played soccer, participated in Girl Scouts, and so on, all in elementary school. I’m the kind of parent who knows a well-rounded education helps you in the future, because thereafter I attended La Reina, Westlake High, and graduated summa cum laude from Cal Poly. My law degree is from Lewis & Clark, and I’m a partner in the largest law firm in Ventura. I’m only telling you these details because I’m probably the kind of parent who would enroll my kids in private school or send them to Moorpark, as many of my peers have done.
But I don’t. I keep my kids in Fillmore public schools because Fillmore schools make me proud and have incredible opportunities. More important, there’s a spirit here that doesn’t exist anywhere else. The community is simply heartwarming.
Walking up to the all-elementary school band concert on Tuesday, I felt a sense of warmth for Fillmore families like the heavily-tatted man entering in front of me who held his daughter’s flute in one hand, and her hand in the other. Her hair was curled and in a sparkly ribbon. I also followed moms in scrubs, families who brought everyone from grandmas to uncles, little girls in softball gear, men in ties, and men in T-shirts. In this diversity, as families, we were all unified for our kids, and I felt this glow of appreciation for our town. I love Fillmore.
People are nice here. If your kid is in something, you have to show up early to get a seat. There is no cynicism, only participation. It’s glorious.
My fourth grader began band with Mr. Morey this year, and as someone who had to hear the loud trumpet practice, over the months, I could tell she was getting better.
But hearing all those kids at once? Wow, just wonderful. I heard the happy murmur in the crowd when the tiny Piru choir sang “Remember Me” from Coco. The way the beginning and second year bands played basics to more advanced stuff with gusto. While I watched my kid’s cheeks puff like Louis Armstrong, I saw other parents doing the same for their kids.
It was just so good. So, so good. They sounded wonderful. Kudos to all involved and thank you for providing this opportunity to our students.
Then tonight, we attended Mr. Spaulding’s musical play. More wow. How many elementary school students in the country are blessed with a teacher who writes plays and songs? Charming, challenging, winsome, and amazing. I’m so glad my daughter was part of this.
People don’t know these opportunities are here in Fillmore. People should know. Because they’d be blown away at how ten and eleven year old kids can play instruments, sing dozens of songs, memorize lines, and perform.
Please keep these things going. As a parent, I appreciate them so much. Thank you.
Leslie McAdam


To the Editor:
I bought the Book by Gregg Jarrett. Russian HOAX, as you suggested. (Martin,, "short Read"? My eyes are crossed.)
First though I want to acknowledge my understanding of your writing three weeks ago with regard to the FBI,NSA CIA etc. being criminals. Only some of the top brass seem to fit that view. Thank you for your clarification.
You may be assured that I accept and understand that President Trump is the duly elected President and that any concern I have of Russian interference is solely their having the ability to hack in to our democratic system. Two counties in Florida have acknowledged they were hacked by Russia. I am not looking at this mess to unseat President Trump.
Again the fore fathers set up our written Constitution knowing there would be difference of opinion. So you have got to get over the Democrats, the constitution did not say if it pleased us, it is what it is. I am centrist I do not like either Parties stance on the whole. I vote for issues and people based on what I see as the best for America.
"The Russian HOAX " really brought out the (Clinton) seriousness of the server in Hillary's home, and the classified data on it. It shared the many contributors of doubtful integrity, It is clear there was no collusion, by the President, Thank God.
Obstruction of justice, if not a part of the 2016 to 2018 findings, then most certainly today.
Too many daily occurrences of interfering with congressional committees rightful over sight functions and responsibilities" Too many that are obstruction, It sends the View that the President thinks he is all powerful, and he is not.
That stance concerns me because it diminishes his position with regard to integrity, and his understanding of Functions and Responsibilities derived from the Constitution.
With all the referenced Statute and Federal code's it sure shows that Hillary got by charges, That should have been brought. Details that I believe the public did not get the full clear depth of the issue. Only bits and pieces of the events. the book set this right out front.
As you shared about using the New York Times not being one of your favorites, I have a similar view of FOX News. Well before there was a candidate Donald Trump.
So Mr. Jarrett, for me, should not reference FOX News it stains his choices of source.
Thank you for your time and views
Raymond S Brown Sr.