Letters to the Editor
June 27, 2013

To the Editor:
A few letters and some out spoken folks have voiced their opinions about Fillmore High English Teacher Jennifer Fitzpatrick's total disrespect she showed in stomping on the American Flag during one of her classes a couple of months ago.
Besides Reverend Lanier (his great letter last week) and me, no one else seems to want to get involved. Heck, I even wrote to VFW Commander in chief John Hamilton on June 3rd and he didn't want to get involved either. Makes me wonder what our million service personnel are fighting for? I always thought it was for God and Country (which our great American Flag represents).
But back to the main point and that is the despicable way Fitzpatrick disrespected our symbol of freedom and democracy.
And she won't even apologize to those she offended! Unbelievable that she just waltzes away with only a few people calling her to task for this outrageous display and lack of patriotism.
Charles Richardson