Letters to the Editor
June 25th, 2009

To the Editor:
Re. the “challenge”: Martin Farrell can’t substantiate his reckless claim about what I said regarding some city employees so instead of manning up and admitting he was wrong and apologizing to the people of Fillmore for misleading them about the matter he runs hiding behind righteous indignation, childish name-calling, avoidance and his latest, desperate rhetorical questions. Typical Farrell behavior; cast aspersions and when challenged for proof, run for cover. I assume Martin that most of the people who read your newspaper are grownups; middle school bullying only works in middle school and quite frankly looks rather silly when employed by old men. Have you apologized yet to Bill Bartels and the city for the false statements you made about him that were ironically refuted by Roy Payne? Or any of the other people you have so freely lied about? Does the title ‘newspaper publisher’ mean not having to ever say you’re sorry? Credibility has to be earned over time and can be lost very quickly – Martin, you have a lot of work to do.
Bob Stroh