Letters to the Editor
June 17, 2020

To the Editor:
America needs help to get out of this pandemic and it is not the COVID-19 planneddemic that is in question here but the epidemic of phony, deceptive, misleading information the public major media news networks are communicating. Anyone with a sense of moral decency should know that ALL lives matter, Hispanic, Asian, Italian, Germanic, etc., including the defenders of liberty and justice. It is appalling that a career criminal should be eulogized by broadcasting his death and funeral as that of an outstanding citizen. The Harris County Texas records show numerous felony arrests including several accounts of aggravated theft with a firearm and possession of drugs with the intent to distribute. The media would lead us to believe that he was attempting to reform but his possession of counterfeit currency and attempting to pass it indicates a very different scenario.
The manner of this person’s death was without doubt disturbing and unnecessary however, it was not necessarily racist. It has not yet been justly determined what the officer was thinking. What is easily recognized is that the biased and far left leaning, politically motivated media was swift to accuse and convict the officer of a racist murder. This was the spark that lit the fuse of frustration pent-up by the nationwide lockdown of our liberty and freedom. There are individuals with evil intent in many positions of authority other than those on the front line positioned to keep law and order. Corrupt judges and attorneys, executives in our financial institutions and primary news forums, perverted professors and teachers in our schools and universities, devious political entities and elected officials etc. should ALL be weeded out before their agenda to destroy American sovereignty and independence causes our country to fall from within. The very protestors who voted the despicable politicians into positions of authority are not blameless.
The biased news media could be and should be prosecuted for feeding the fire under the cauldron of unrest. They should be held liable for ‘intent to instigate rioting, destruction of public property and the pilfering of others possessions’. The First Amendment of our Constitution awards Freedom of the Press for the purpose of communicating worthwhile information. It does NOT guarantee their ability to till the soil, plant seeds of outrage and afterward publish or promote the harvest of their deception.
Stan Mason, Fillmore, Ca