Letters to the Editor
June 16, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion.
There are plenty of serious things going on, but let’s look for relief in the funny things that have happened of late.
Rep. Louis Gohmert (R-TX) asked the representative for the National Forest Service if they can slightly change the moon's or earth’s orbit to reduce the effects of climate change. Only with Marjorie Taylor Greene's (R-GA) Jewish Space Laser, Louie.
Trump thinks the answer to the computer system hacks is to go back to paper. Don’t educate the Congress on the problems and fix what’s wrong or unprotected. Go back to quill and ink. No wonder COVID exploded under his watch (drink bleach!).
Nothing funny about those recent hacks on our technological systems. It is, however, ludicrous and a betrayal of trust that our Congress has not seen to this. We are decades into the technology. I hope that this is part of the “infrastructure” that Buttigieg, who does understand it, is working on in Transportation.
A Republican Senate Committee report on what actually happened on January 6 (because there was no video of it anywhere!) was a joke. It did not speak to the Causes of the Insurrection, which was the whole darned point. We all saw what happened; the issue is why, how, and who? Another example of how the Relican Senate operates. Months and years on Benghazi, and kiss my patootie on the instigators, planners, and participants of the insurrection against our government.
Joe Manchin (D-WV) is pitiful if not laughable trying to explain that he insists upon bipartisan agreement on voting protection and infrastructure plans. Somebody get that boy a copy of “Waiting for Godot.” He’s either lying about his reasons, is a not-too-closeted Repo, or has suffered a lack of oxygen.
For a true LOL moment, the very smug and glossy Caitlyn Jenner R-CA) admits that her biggest draw is that she knows nothing about government and wants to go to Sacramento as an "outsider" governor and disrupt everything (she has experience in the latter). And she has a bunch of Trump rejects to show her how.
Forever the victim, never at fault, a self-absorbed child, Trump is still whining abut his election loss. And the Relicans are either scared to death of him or awaiting his Mike Lindell-inspired return to power on the pink cloud of a Second Coming. I’m not laughing out loud about this, but it is a funny image. I hope he wears “those pants.”
Kelly Scoles,