Letters to the Editor
June 15, 2022

To the Editor:
The Biden and his administration are gloating that he has been able to bring about “historic” economic gains during the first 16 months of his time in office.
Last time I looked the stock market is down since he took office. Trump warned the country that the stock market would crash if Biden was elected. Seems he may be right.
Gas prices are up from July 2021, of $3.216 a gallon to today’s average price of $5.107 around the country. And you only need to go to the grocery store to feel inflation at its fullest.
Biden repeats that there is low unemployment and higher wages. As for the first, they don’t count those who are not receiving unemployment payments. Many had to leave their jobs either through resignation or retirement due to requirements to receive the COVID shots. And many didn’t return to their jobs after the lock-downs were relaxed. With 4.5 million workers quitting their jobs in November 2021, it has left over 10 million job openings across the USA. And higher wages? It’s being eaten up by the increase costs at the stores and gas stations.
When Biden signed into law the American Rescue Plan, the economy was growing at 6.5%. Why pour money into the consumers pockets when they were doing it all on their own? As a result in the third quarter of 2021 the growth rate dropped to 2%. Recession is looming.
So the question is still the same one Reagan asked but worse. Are you better off today then two years ago?
Patti Walker,