Letters to the Editor
July 8, 2020

To the Editor:
Well, enjoyed small safe and sane fireworks at my son's yesterday. Great grandson Aiden had a great time lighting them. THEN....got home about 9 PM and the "BOMBS didn't stop all around my house until after midnight. I mean almost non stop! Not bangs...BOMBS!!...so loud and deep felt like the house was shaking. My girls were scared to death...I ended up closing the three of us in the bedroom with the TV on full blast to give the girls a little relief from the noise. Now I am not talking about a couple explosions every now and them..I mean almost no stop! I am not against fireworks in general…but these people last night are just plain uneducated and ignorant neighbors …says this angry Vietnam Veteran.
Dmitri Gurkweitz
Fillmore, Ca


To the Editor:
Very certainly to most parents and families of those who have suffered the loss of life of a loved one. Some may believe that they have suffered undue persecution. They are convinced that because of the pigmentation of their skin they have not received the promises guaranteed in our Declaration of Independence to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They believe this is the reason they have been limited in access to better education, housing and occupations. This may be true in considerable situations however; there may have been other more contributing factors. We should have sympathy and compassion all those who have suffered but they cannot be allowed to contribute to the suffering of others who have no part in what they have experienced.
The Bible tells us that the wicked one is he who comes only to rob, murder and destroy. An additional group from a different ideology is in agreement that black live matter. Amazingly, for their purposes they agree with Jesus Who said in the Bible which they detest; “nation will rise against nation and kingdom against kingdom”. The Greek word translated as nation is ‘ethnos’ actually meaning race. The hell bent heretics who are fostering and furthering racial division in America have seized upon the opportunity to place the blame for the turmoil and devastation occurring in our beloved country on the backs of the black protestors. The instigators are the same ones who have promised the colored community much in the past and delivered nothing other than further baseless promises. The true nature of the cultural heritage and accomplishments of people of color has been eliminated from education and the biased fascist media exploits each incidence of officer enforcement as motivated by unproven racial bias.
A young black female student recently spoke at a Presidential rally. She commented that if black lives truly mattered the Democrat dominated House of Representatives would defund the abortion mills run by Planned Parenthood. She added that the academics in the universities would defend the right to unbiased counterculture discourse. I will say in addition the black communities would welcome and support law officers attempting to deescalate the killing of black citizens by black villains. Should an accurate count be compiled across the nation there is little doubt it would indicate the ratio of officer involved shooting and black on black killing would be one to 500, 1000 or even more.
Every city and State taking action to remove funds and cut back on the number of our law officers is controlled by Democrat officials, most in office by the vote of those from whom they are actively removing protection of lives and property. The smaller minority owned businesses are experiencing the greatest devastation created by the BLM mobs that have capitulated to the whims of the anarchists.
It is heart breaking to recognize how many black radical racist bigots have aligned themselves with the left wing ideology. Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Susan Rice, Colin Kaepernick and those leading BLM have lent their voices to destroying and ripping apart a heritage of black people Dr. M.L. King described so elegantly. Black lives matter to them as stepping stones in their socialist agenda to shred the nuclear component of the family that binds America together. It is written in their manifesto. They are using their assumed advantage to demand NFL and NBA owners play two Anthems prior to their games in an effort to further the decline of Allegiance to one GOD, one Flag and Nation. I, and I pray hundreds of thousands of likeminded citizens who love America the Beautiful, will abandon and boycott attendnce, watching by T V or buying products from participating sponsors.
Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a Christian pastor in Germany wrote; ‘To see evil and not call it evil, is evil’.
In Ecclesiastes 8: 11 it is written; ‘An evil deed not swiftly prosecuted, will escalate evil thoughts in the son’s of men’. Go get them swiftly, Mr. President. Amen!!!
S. Mason
Stan Mason