Letters to the Editor
July 3rd, 2008

To the Editor:
I recently went to a doctor and I asked how much this special test would be for my child and he stated that it would cost between $250 to $350, I felt I was taking advantage of. Being a business woman for 25 years, I decided to call around in another city to see what this special test would cost and when I took my child in for the special test and I was quoted at $200.00. I know have transferred my files to another doctor. Seniors I would also like to make you aware that pyramid schemes still exist out there.
I went to a party yesterday and I was approached about a business opportunity and it was a brand new product and in order to acquire the product you have to buy the business. So I asked this person, did the person who gave the presentation state to you that the more businesses you sell under this person, he will make money first and then you would make money and any of the persons that you sold to, will make money and no matter what you will receive a part of that and he said yes. I told him this is what they call a pyramid scheme, No matter what you are selling or buying, please do the research before making any decisions and this person lives in Fillmore, so Seniors shop around and beware of something that sounds to good to be true and if the price is to high, take the time and call other doctors to see what their prices are.
Pat Soto,

To the Editor:
Hybrid cars (electric/fuel) are a step in the right direction although we need to get away from fuel altogether in our lighter cars. Most people don’t know that in a hybrid the electric motor cuts out after about thirty miles per hour and there are no savings after this speed. They are most efficient in city slow driving. I don’t think large trucks will ever be able to run on electric; not enough power and endurance.
I have heard it said, “Wouldn’t it be great if all the cars in America were Electric? Yes, this would be great for a lot of reasons; although I have yet to hear anyone ask, “What about all the tax money that would be lost per gallon of fuel that goes to the State and Federal governments? How could the government tax a car that plugs into an outlet at your house, or elsewhere, to recharge? That’s a considerable amount of revenue lost. This is happening as of now although there are so few or these type cars on the road that it hasn’t made much difference yet. Think about it, what options do they have? Meter the charging outlet at your house? This is totally unworkable. The only alternative I can see is to gradually start raising taxes to compensate for the loss. But then you would be double taxing the people that still are buying fuel at the pump. Do you have any answer to this?
When electric cars are talked about usually nothing is mentioned about the cost of charging the batteries, etc. Electricity is not for free. It is estimated that the cost of operating and maintaining an electric vehicle is about 30% of one that runs on fuel; maybe less now that the cost of fuel is so much higher.
How would this impact the electric generating plants? Charging vehicles at night would be no problem as this is the time of least demand. I think that a large percentage would plug in while at work during the day. This might be a problem for “Mr. Edison during peak load times.”
We have to think about the negatives caused by the positives, plan ahead and are prepared. (One case in point…..Iraq.)
I usually don’t write or talk about something unless I have an answer or solution. I confess I don’t have either for all the above. I would like to see or hear your input on these matters.
As an added note: On the down side, how about replacing about $2000 worth of batteries every three or four years? Heating the car is a problem in very cold areas without a water cooled engine. Air conditioning would be a large drain on batteries. Batteries take up considerable space, add much weight to the vehicle and take four to eight hours to charge. Electrics can go less than half the distance as a vehicle using fuel. The back yard mechanic has a hard time working on modern cars of today, wait until these electronic nightmares need working on. On the upside, less moving parts mean less problems and repairs. They will have no oil and filter changes; although they will still need lubing.
I hope this article has given you a few fresh things to think about and get your grey matter going.
John Heilman, 73 year Fillmore native.