Letters to the Editor
July 31, 2019

To the Editor:
Not long ago I was a student of Fillmore Unified. Growing up in Fillmore was a wonderful experience and being a student in FUSD, even better. What made school so great was my love for learning, but mostly the teachers I had in Kindergarten through 12th grade. Teachers that remained here for multiple years and stayed until retirement. They inspired me to become a teacher here in Fillmore. I took their advice, collaborated with them, and gave back to my community in a positive way. I wanted nothing more than to share with our students what was given to me.
Unfortunately, Fillmore has changed for teachers. Retaining quality educators has become increasingly difficult. While I am still a teacher in FUSD, I am saddened by the high turnover of quality teachers leaving the district for higher pay and benefits. These teachers aren’t being selfish or ungrateful. They are leaving so they can provide a better life for their families. Fillmore teachers use the same standards as all California teachers, attend staff development opportunities to better their craft, and spend hours above and beyond the school day, yet they are 15th out of 15 districts in salary for Ventura County. Fillmore teachers are not asking for the moon; rather, a fair increase in pay and equal benefits. My hope is that the community of Fillmore understands and supports great teachers staying here. Our mission has always been to give students of Fillmore the best education so they can thrive in the future.
Karen Lippert,
Fillmore Middle School Teacher