Letters to the Editor
July 2nd, 2009

To the Editor:
From the last election to last week Martin Farrell, in his Realities column, using over 300 column inches, or by my estimation, about two-and-a-half full newspaper pages, has attacked, with the exception of Steve Conaway, all of the council members, Bill Bartels and a few private citizens with slanderous and grossly fallacious claims. When confronted with the truth he deflects. Unbelievably, last week he wouldn’t apologize for besmirching Bartels’ reputation because of some fiction he created about my comments regarding Conaway’s trip to D.C. Okay, let’s go over that trip again.(Bob Stroh)... Editor's note: LETS NOT! Please refer to this week's editorial.

To the Editor:
It’s sad to see that our government will strike down an initiative that didn’t follow the formatting of a petition and will do nothing to an initiative that lies to get signatures to qualify it. The owner of El Dorado used professional liars to coerce voters into signing their initiative telling voters that theirs was replacing my initiative, therefore stealing the signatures of my popular initiative. I have several affidavits attesting to the fact that these were the tactics used to gather signatures. The truth is that El Dorado’s owner’s initiative is nothing like my initiative. My initiative was designed to protect the lifestyle of every homeowner in El Dorado. The initiative proposed by the owner of El Dorado is about selling us their lots, typically at 3 to 4 times the appraised value. Their initiative wants the City to provide loans to us to buy lots. Where is the City going to get the money to loan us? Why should the City be exposed to this risk?
The few homes that have sold this year were sold for a fraction of what they would sell for in any other park in the county. Our high rents (about $300 a month more than Rancho Santa Paula) have cost us all about $30,000 in home value minimum. That’s close to a million dollars of our equity in their pockets (302 spaces). It costs about $150 per month per space to run this park, they charge about $650 average. That’s not excessive?
Dave Roegner