Letters to the Editor
July 27, 2017

To the Editor:
I would like to thank everyone that contributed and donated to my Cross Country efforts. I was able to pay for my trip and received a donation from Nova Storage. Thank you to the Following Paula and Laura Ortega, Pat and Susan Golson, Chris Ann Barker, Jesse and Claudia Rivera, Larry and Valerie Tovar, Karen Hawkins, Donna Stepp and Kenny Talent, Angie Villalobos, Maggie Herrera, Tona Jacinto, Emilio Jacinto, Kim Tafoya, Terri and Rod Cordero, Susie Herrera, Tammy Polanco, Sally Rangel, Greg Dejarnette, Mary Gonzalez, Reena Villa, Rudy and Renee Vasquez, Armando and Gabby Rodriguez, Isaac and Rosie Loya, Claudia Andrade, Betty and Kevin Warring, Louie and Cristina Rodriguez, and Donna. Thank you so much for supporting Fillmore Flashes Cross Country Team.
Vanessa Ray'nee Avila