Letters to the Editor
July 24, 2019

To the Editor:
Surprisingly, there are two landmark places in Fillmore that are in jeopardy! -- within a month's time!
Declared Historic Landmark #156 - Arts and Science Buildings' defacements, and the second Historic Place is the Presbyterian Church, aka Fillmore Bible Church, which has been sold and they are turning the Church into a NON CHURCH! That is where the Apartments will be in the former Sonshine Christian School=26 apartments. The developer is named but there is no mention of the actual owner, who could eventually become an absentee owner! I only heard 24 hours before the Planning Commission re the Church and had little time to prepare some historical review comments and support the Cultural Heritage Board review status. This was the discussion at the Planning Committee. The Church is not a declared landmark, but is named in the 1983 Cultural Heritage Survey and as listed must be reviewed by the Cultural Heritage Board. However, Planning is not following all the steps, so the Cultural Heritage Board is not notified in order to review proposed historical projects.
If you want to see the entire 1983 Cultural Heritage Survey, you can visit the Fillmore Historical Museum and review it. The City should be using their copy for historic places in Fillmore. There is other documentation there at Museum you can review also.
In my presentation before the Planning Commission re Church, I told Chair in advance my comments, not part of the citizens' 5 min. complaint section, may extend a bit past 5 min. My presentation was a policy issue to include cultural heritage/historical viewpoint. Well, as you saw on TV or in person, they tried to squelch me in my presentation, but I did finish my speech and hope all of it was heard, despite the interruptions by the City Attorney, I believe.!
Kathie Briggs, Architecture Historian and, Former President of Fillmore Historical Society/Museum


To the Editor:
I have been a teacher in Fillmore for 29 years. I was welcomed by a warm, supportive staff when I was hired in July of 1990. I knew very few people, and I had just lost many of my family members. So Fillmore and the school became my family and my life. Over the years, I have taught hundreds of children to read, to learn foundational math skills, to be creative writers and thinkers, to be self-confident, to use a computer, to write in cursive, to work as a team on stage and on the playing field ( just to name a few things). I have worked hard to learn Spanish so that I can communicate better with my students’ families. I have given Fillmore my heart and soul. I have worked countless unpaid hours directing holiday productions, talent shows, tutoring children after school, rehearsing with them at lunch, creating curriculum with colleagues etc. Now, as I near retirement, it saddens and frightens me that I am getting a pay cut for my long years of service. Now, when we really need the health insurance, we have had to use most of our life savings paying out of pocket fees as I work even harder to keep up with the changes in the school system. I am being paid less, and asked to work more. Teachers are the backbone of our children’s future. We should be honored and paid fairly to keep up with the costs of living.
Lisa Gosselin
Third grade teacher
San Cayetano School