Letters to the Editor
July 1st, 2010

To the Editor:
Monday, May 31, 2010 Memorial Day, was another day for remembrance of all those whose lives have been taken in the service of our Armed Forces. It is a day to pay tribute to our fallen comrades; also, a time to remember their loved ones. Let’s not forget those who have survived the horrors of war, as many are left with critical physical and mental injuries, many for life.
I have given a lot of thought as to the necessity for wars. Wars have been waged for various reasons and causes. Millions have died or suffered the horrific results. Makes one wonder, is it all worth it. The following are words from a speech President Kennedy made just before his death in 1963. "The United States is neither omnipotent (of infinite power) nor omniscient (all knowing), as we are only 6% of the worlds population. We cannot impose our will upon the other 94%, right every wrong, reverse each adversity. There cannot be an American solution to every problem." President Kennedy was a P.T. Boat Commander during WWII. It is time we take a hard look at our involvements around the world. Our first line of defense is to protect our country and its citizens here at home.
Addressing the Afghanistan and Iraq conflicts, the solutions to attain success is formidable if these Muslim countries are ever to embrace a democratic (self ruled) society. They have been ruled for centuries by various generations of religious zealots. We are being used for their own financial gains and to drain our economy and military strength. Now is the time to start removing our troops and support personnel for a complete withdrawal. Vietnam comes to mind. Afghanistan is the longest U.S. involvement in any war. The Soviets withdrew after 10 years. In addition, we have numerous bases in various locations around the world. With the withdrawal from Iraq/Afghanistan and the reduction or elimination of these bases, it would drastically reduce the enormous spending of trillions (T) of dollars and resources that support this costly endeavor. Dollars now being spent can be put to better usage i.e., rebuild armed forces/National Guard, national security/foreign policy, immigration/borders, new businesses/jobs, education, infrastructures, health/welfare programs, reduce the deficit, fire and police.
Ray Dressler