Letters to the Editor
July 15th, 2010

To the Editor:
I want the citizens of Fillmore, my friends and family to know that anytime I have something to say in person, or in print, I will always sign it with my full name and my local phone number when needed. Please do not think I am involved with the new group, Reform FUSD.
A notice from this group was printed in last week's newspaper and signed with a first name only (Marie) without a local telephone number.
I do not know who they are and why they do not have a local phone for organizing, but they do not represent me.
I understand frustrations of parents when the school does not follow what a group of parents wish, and they have every right to run for the Board. Have they ever considered putting in the same amount of time and money into improving each school within the district?
I served on the Fillmore Unified School Board for over 8 years, and I know you need to be a voting member of that Board to fully understand the complete picture for ALL students in the district. It is usually a very thankless job. It takes lots of time and dedication to wade through the many regulations every district works under and stretch the available money. It is not a simple job.
My best wishes to the current board members and the effort they have given to the problems this past year. My best wishes to any new board members if they are elected and I hope they quickly have a better understanding of "what being a board member" really means.
I do not wish to fuss with anyone via "Letters to the Editor" and I will not lower myself to write again. I will always identify myself in full when I wish to make a statement.
Marie Wren