Letters to the Editor
July 15, 2013

The Death of America
“We will all now be subservient to the will of the judgments, I might say prejudicial decisions of a small minority.”
After suffering a debilitating illness for close to forty-five years it was announced today that America, once called beautiful, had been pronounced terminally deceased by the United States Supreme Court. She had been warned many times by her Founding Father that unless she changed her diet and began exercising the privileges she had been blessed with at her birth she would suffer the same fate as had many other world powers who became extinct at a lesser age. A multitude of relatives and close friends pleaded with her to change and many remained in prayer until the very end but those who had been given oversight as to her health failed miserably, many believe intentionally, to provide the proper antidote at the time of her last crisis.
America had been given three primary care providers to oversee her welfare, however, each one in devastating decisions contributed to her final demise. These entities are called the Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches of guardianship. As long ago as 1974 the Judicial Branch made an insidious decision that killed millions of young Americans who might well have provided sustenance for her failing economy. Then for a time of eight years during the nineteen-eighties it appeared that she might pull through as the Executive Branch along with some help from the Legislative Branch brought hope for a recovery. Then during the nineties up until the present the Legislative Branch began once again to feed her with a glutinous diet of raucous spending, unsustainable debt, and even came up with a new medication called ‘political correctness’ used to silence her cry of agony from the pain she was experiencing. Those assigned as guardians of America’s health, welfare and abundant provision had no desire to apply the original prescription for extending her life as a strong and powerful nation that brought blessing and freedom to all of the other nations of the world. The right prescription which is called the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights adhered to would have eventually brought her healing.
As America’s Father, her Creator and guardian was not ignorant of her plight and saw that the guardians HE had put in place to guide her path had become captive to worshiping the creation rather than responding to the Creator, HE sent many warning signals that the people should have been able to recognize. HE allowed the financial center to become a pile of debris and brought about the greatest fall in the history of the stock market. Our response came from the mouth of Tom Daschle in front of Congress, basically shaking his fist at God and stating that we would rebuild stronger than ever. Amazingly the words he spoke were remarkably similar to those prophesied by Isaiah, even though he had no idea what he was proclaiming. (Chap. 9:11)
The land of the free and the home of the brave is experiencing more devastation from unremitting and unaccustomed storm fury than in recorded history and those who are supposed to lead have been exposed as both incompetent and deceitful representatives of the welfare of our land.
While America was writhing in the turmoil of her poverty stricken the Executive Branch has given away millions, even billions of dollars to nations who have no greater desire than to see the demise of what they call their greatest enemy. Both this branch of our representatives and the Legislative Branch have reveled in what they assume to be executive privilege, filling their coffers with huge taxes levied on the American people they were elected to serve. As they are not unaware that sooner or later there will come a backlash from the people, they are attempting to remove any ability for the population to defend themselves against being ruled by a dictator.
Now today, the Judicial Branch has made the decision to drive a stake into the heart of a disabled America and kill any hope for a recovery by transgressing the Word of God regarding homosexual union while at the same time announcing to all who can hear that a change has been made in our rule of law. They have proclaimed an end to being servants of the people and have declared that America will no longer be governed by the vote of the people. We will all now be subservient to the will of the judgments, I might say prejudicial decisions of a small minority. The submission to judicial law rather than the removal of those defying the Constitution will very soon give way to martial law and everyone will be at risk of being singled out as an enemy of the Un-united States of a dissolved America.
With America’s last gasp of breath she was heard to whisper, ‘Dismantle the voting booths and kindle your fires with the ballot boxes. I provided for you freedom of choice to live as a prosperous sovereign people but your choice is to live under tyranny for the temporary pleasures promised you by thieves and liars, undeserved benefits bought and paid for dearly with sacrifice and blood by others’.
At long last when I declare “Long live America” and offer my prayer of “GOD BLESS AMERICA”, I can also add, ‘by bringing a just and long awaited righteous judgment on those who contributed to her death’.
“Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth…”
S. Mason