Letters to the Editor
January 5, 2022

To the Editor:
Second Opinion. Rogue's Gallery.
There is no question that 2022 is going to be challenging (in a lengthening line of consequential years). The House Committee on January 6, 2021 will present a report on its findings, the mid-terms will occur, Biden will continue pushing some version of his Build Back Better plan to drag this country into the second millennia A.D. in infrastructure and other benefits, and we will all contend with Covid and its mutations, as well as the rapidly changing world around us. Not for the faint of heart, to be sure, but every generation since we walked off the plains of Africa has had its own particular contests.
There are people who are fearful of things unexpected (as in "life"), who lament the human condition because it isn’t up to the standards of the heavenly afterlife as they imagine it, or those who just see through a glass and darkly. There are also people who use fear to falsely motivate others to political or social insensibility, and those willing to say anything about anyone true or false, preposterous or not.
One example of this phenomenon is Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) (MTG). Criticizing a conservative writer’s article stating that Trumpism was destroying the Republican Party, she said that Traditional Republicans caused "alcoholism, drug abuse, depression, failed marriages and caused traditional families to fall apart and small towns to crumble" (truth alert: hooey). These are the same people who “are so stuck up because they are so highly educated and because they think they are so much better than everyone." She continued that she was “happy to be the [new] face of the American people.” Lordy, no. Please.
Another example is that whiny, self-righteous purveyor of miserliness, Sen. Rand "Tribble" Paul (R-KY) who has consistently voted against congressional support for "handouts" to the victims of natural disasters: Puerto Rico, TX, FL, NJ after Hurricane Sandy. He blasted President Biden’s Build Back Better (BBB) plan as an unworthy “give-a-way.” But, after the devastating tornado three weeks ago in KY, he tearfully held out his quivering, vote-soliciting little hand to President Biden for "immediate and substantial" federal assistance for his state.
The Demos have theirs: Joe Manchin (DINO-WV) who voted against the “Billionaire’s Tax” also refused to vote for BBB when his state would stand to benefit more than almost any other. He explained his vote by predicting that his own constituents would likely only misuse the funds, and so did not need them. This is lookin’ out for the folks, No-Go Joe? That generally Red state will re-elect him, no doubt. I’ll skip Kristen Sinema (DINO-AZ) as ordinary words are inadequate.
Sen. Ted “Daddy” Cruz (R-TX) saw a report that WA had imposed severe additional limitations due to Covid, and publicly castigated Washington State for its continuing illegal, over-the-top string of Covid civil rights abuses. Except the article was about Western Australia (WA). That Harvard education of which MTG is so resentful and dismissive? No worries, dear. Even Daddy's 13-year-old daughter thinks he's off his political rocker.
Deadly viruses, water shortages, asteroids, climate concerns, world economic and political changes. These are not minor challenges. To meet them, why do we politically excavate to the likes of these grimy self-serving yokels and their like-minded cohorts?
Kelly Scoles,