Letters to the Editor
January 29th, 2009

To the Editor:
Rev. Leslie R. Lanier, speaking for the Wayfarer’s Chapel Lutheran Church, last week claimed that if our nation supports homosexuality then we will receive a “curse from God.” By “supports” I assume Lanier means assuring that gay and lesbian Americans are guaranteed the same equality and right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness that all of us good heterosexuals are afforded. By “curse” I assume he means all future natural disasters.
In 1963 I was stationed at Fort Rucker, Alabama, a time when that state was segregated. The attitude and remarks about African Americans expressed by the whites justifying their racist behavior was of a similar self-righteous tone expressed by Lanier toward gays and lesbians.
Lanier’s claims about homosexuals are false, divisive and hurtful. The many gays and lesbians that are part of the Fillmore citizenry serve our community as educators, professionals, shoppers, business owners, artists, volunteers, taxpayers etc.; I’m embarrassed to read Lanier’s offensive public comments attempting to denigrate the citizenship of friends and neighbors.
Getting through adolescence is difficult for many youngsters but for the minority of teens who discover they have a gay sexual orientation it’s much more difficult. Imagine being told that the consequence of the sexual feelings you are experiencing could be the cause for God to bring a curse upon your country. The suicide rate is much higher for these kids than other teens, in part because of societal ignorance. Fortunately that is changing. I pray that Rev. Lanier can find it in his heart to tone down the dogma and recognize the destructive potential his unfounded and irresponsible claims can have on real people.
Bob Stroh,