Letters to the Editor
January 26, 2022

To the Editor:
Second Opinion. A Reader's Letter.
There are tons of issues out there but I think that last week’s LTTE from a reader deserves the courtesy of a reply. Ms. Walker is correct. I erred in conflating the state representations of MTG and Matt Gaetz. I apologize to the readership and appreciate the correction.
Do I care that accused marauding criminals are being held pending trial? No. That is a matter of judicial discretion, and the judges have the videos. Do I wonder why some accused anarchists are being held in solitary confinement? Give me a couple of cases and I will research them. My real concern is that the outside wallets, high-office facilitators, and the members of Congress who supported and enabled that horrific event be identified and held legally accountable for their actions.
Speaker Pelosi had, and has, no direct authority over Capitol security. Her responsibility is exactly that of Senate Leader McConnell. Strangely, in retrospect, neither responded to the Sergeant-at-Arms of their respective chambers for direction to the Capitol Police for National Guard assistance. Before it hit the fan, those in direct authority determined that to call in the National Guard would be "bad optics." There is plenty of blame to go around.
Kevin McCarthy’s “picks” for the Bipartisan House Select Committee on January 6, 2021, were almost exclusively Repo House Reps who were up to their molars in the effort to obstruct the Constitutional processes of government regarding the election. Several of them have been subpoenaed as witnesses by the Committee. Nancy had the power to reject the “goat” Republican nominees, and they knew she would. McCarthy refused to provide replacements, and the Repos gleefully expected that would kill the Committee for lack of "bipartisanship." His plan was thwarted when two courageous Republicans, neither of whom I agree with on policy, put aside Party robotics and joined the Committee at Pelosi's invitation and over McCarthy’s dumbfounded objection.
Earlier, McCarthy had needed to redeem himself after his post-riot assertions that Trump actually had incited the attack on the Capitol and demanded an investigation into the Event. For speaking the truth, he was summoned to Alternate-Truth Camp and public penance at Mar-A-Lago. He then calculated that his defiant plan to refuse naming Repo replacements to the Committee would earn him an extra-cozy spot on The Don's lap. Now, McCarthy has no one on the Committee whom he can control, the Committee is bipartisan, and the lap chance was petulantly rescinded. Never interrupt a dunderhead when he is bonking himself on the noggin. Leave him have his fun. So yes, I am OK with the Committee.
I was astounded by your question regarding the strong presence of "domestic terrorism" in the USA. That question has been settled since the Oklahoma City bombing in the late 1990’s. Generally, they are identified as groups of typically white, male Christians who are deeply distrustful of the federal government and are bitter over our growing multicultural society. Militia influence is well-documented and could be seen on January 6 as individuals in military-type uniforms linked hand-on-shoulder in a military maneuver. A quick Google will give you a place to start.
The buckshot questions in the last paragraphs can perhaps be addressed another time. Martin is a bear about word count. You have a lot of concerns, as we all should. You are impassioned, somewhat informed, and have a distinct point of view. I enjoy political "food fights," too, and hope that we will "cross pens" again. Thank you for writing.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
We watched the entire Biden press conference last Wednesday. It was disappointing to hear many of the questions be repeated from some out-of-touch reporters. Just as disappointing to see Biden read from prepared comments and pick-and-choose journalists, at least in the beginning. It’s not worth addressing the slip-up’s on it’s okay to have a small incursion into Ukraine and the legitimacy of USA elections.
Biden pointed out three most pressing issues he felt were upmost in the minds Americans. First, the supply chain which he say’s will be fixed by the infrastructure bill passed in 2021, second, child and elder care and drug costs that would have been fixed if the BBB had passed, and finally, the lack of competition in the business sector that he’s working on by way of another executive order. Really?
Most Americans are worried about inflation. The USA’s economy is based on energy. The price of energy (oil, gas, electricity) went up the day Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline. On that day he declared war on American energy, the costs of which is seeing a seven year high in just 12 months. In turn, he agreed to allow Russia to open their pipeline to western Europe as well as the USA. Let’s put these two events in some context.
In March 2020, the USA was pumping a record 13 million barrels of oil a day, eclipsing Saudi Arabia and Russia. We were exporting oil to other countries, including Russia. In August 2020 we purchased from Russia 47 thousand barrels in August 2021 311 thousand; September 2020, 86 thousand, in 2021 208 thousand, and October 2020 145 thousand now up to 206 thousand in 2021, two times more than one year ago.
Today, our costs for oil and gas is $85 a barrel, and it’s expected to go to $100 by summer, just in time for your vacation. As a result of Biden’s approach to our energy based economy, he has asked OPEC and Russia to sell us more oil which has allowed Russia to threaten Ukraine.
And so many believed it was Trump that was in kahoots with Russia.
Patti Walker,