Letters to the Editor
January 21, 2023

To the Editor:
I owe you an apology. I thought you were joined at the forehead with, and incapable of criticizing, Fox News or Tucker Carlson. I was heartened to read your spot-on observations of their horrifying response to the conflict in Ukraine. There are also Republicans in Congress who subscribe to those views. But they are merely supporting the “America First” philosophy so widespread in the Trumpian Republican Party wherein no one really matters except our own country (and only certain people in it) and anyone who disagrees or solicits our financial or military contribution is, as you pointed out, vilified and ridiculed.
Beyond criticizing President Zelensky for his wardrobe choices, Carlson and others have embraced despots like Viktor Orban, a darling of MAGA for his views on racial purity and dismantling Hungary’s fledgling democracy during his 12 years in power, and a close friend of Putin’s. It’s fine to want an accounting of our contribution to the Ukrainian cause, but the idea that we should turn our backs on that country’s courageous battle for independence and fail to support it is tragically erroneous. It is a conflict of freedom against brutal dictatorship. Something we, as Americans, profess to support.
I don’t know what Tucker Carlson really believes, but I know he hawks for despotic leaders and against just causes. Amazingly, there’s a market for such un-American endorsements in this country. Carlson has tapped into it, makes a substantial living from it, and that is likely motive enough. That or he is merely caustic and inflammatory, imagining he sounds intelligent, but often offering ridiculous assertions and is, indeed, a purveyor of “stunningly stupid comments.”
What is concerning is that other people listen to him and believe that he is an honest analyst and reporter. I am gratified that you, at least on this subject, do not buy into it.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
“Political corruption, social greed, and Americanized quasi socialism can ruin even the most wonderful places. California proved that.” Tiffany Madison
Did everyone enjoy the rain we’ve had since the first of the year? At my home we had over 16" in as many days. We were saying we needed the rain, just not all at once! Did note it’s getting close to the normal rainfall I remember from years back.
Today, California is moving at a rapid pace to save the world through adoption of drastic policies relating to climate change. There is a move to reduce greenhouse gas emissions without giving the policies the time needed to do so without financial damage to businesses and residents. The desire to be carbon neutral is set to begin in 2035 and continue to 2045.
First, there will be implementation of phasing out all fossil fuel refining. Also the move to have vehicle miles traveled reduced 30 percent, and, of course, only electric vehicles will be allowed on the road. New buildings will be required to be all electric.
At the first of the year we got a notice from SCE our rates will be increased by $12 a month. The reason given was “Some of the power we deliver to you comes from natural gas-fired power plants and the price we pay for natural gas has increased.” If California is moving to reducing gas emissions, what plans does SCE have to replace the gas-fired plants? Wind turbines? Solar? Purchase from out-of-state producers?
One other way California is looking to address climate change is through the reduction of dairy methane (manure) emissions by 50 to 75 percent, or in laymen terms, dairy farmers will need to reduce their herd by 50 to 75 percent. Moving in this direction does not take in account regenerative agriculture which are agricultural policies focusing on the whole ecological system allowing for the integration and managing of grazing and pasturing along with composting to increase soil health, all without the use of man-made fertilizer.
The direction California is headed reminds me of the tongue-in-cheek definition of totalitarianism. You have two cows. The government takes them and denies they ever existed. Milk is banned.
Patti Walker,