Letters to the Editor
January 2, 2019

To the Editor:
I nearly fell off my chair reading your comments on the President pulling troops from Syria.
I know you are an avid president admirer. Thank you for your honest view!
To a degree I have my arenas of support. Foreign policy with Mr. Trump is not one of them.
His absolute lack of knowledge is so apparent that even a camp fire girl can see it.
In the beginning of his campaign and presidency he touted "MY GENERALS" and brought four to five into his administration. He said any conflicts/wars would be better understood and handled by the generals, he would not hold the reins, they would.
I felt any lack of experience with the Worlds order, and many issues of our worlds contentious/adversarial countries, would be identified and addressed, by Military educated Men and Women.
His North Korea non nuclear deal has fallen apart. Russia now has new age bombers in Venezuela; most of our allies are in distrust of the United States.
When you visualize the Commander in Chief mantel he wears, it leaves me with great concern with regard to his hip shooting uneducated, pre-dominate nature, (for World affairs and defending the Unite States of America.)
My problem is his daily contradicting of his previous pronouncements.
Now your Syria view. OMG yes, USA leaves, Turkey attacks our Kurdish allies and slaughter them.
Russia, Iran, Asad Syria consume the rest of the Syrian State. What country is right next door that they all want gone. Israel , even Iraq could get drawn into the tribe, they just told us to leave.
I think that this is a disastrous mess looking for the opening.
Would Trump go to Israels defense, our ally, he is ditching all the others?
Raymond S Brown, Sr.
Fillmore Ca.