Letters to the Editor
January 19, 2022

To the Editor:
Second Opinion. Voters and January 6.
For voters who are not political wonks or hacks, depending upon your particular view, the events of January 6, 2021, are a regrettable, even tragic moment, but without historical significance. Our own Editor believes that it was a Free Speech event that maybe got a little off the rails. Just a bunch of patriots with a little too much party mood. No guns were found on-site (hundreds had been confiscated in the days prior), and the injuries to the capitol police and others, and subsequent deaths, were the result of political exuberance or Antifa or BLM or the FBI. Anybody other than the rioters. Many Republicans believe that it was largely a spontaneous event gone awry. History will, I think, prove otherwise.
In the meantime, the House Select Committee is issuing subpoenas for testimony and documents, some of which have been complied with (Mark Meadows), many of which are expected to be defied. The DOJ will decide, as in the case of Steve Bannon, to hold the refuse-niks in criminal contempt of Congress. The DOJ is moving slowly in this regard for some legal, and not political, reason. If a legal decision is rendered, it also has to be defended if necessary, on appeal, so haste is not a priority. Unfortunately, voters appear to be unwilling to blame Republicans for the insurrection because the legal system seems to have let the waters close over our heads.
Most of you have seen some of the videos of the attack. Perhaps, as Martin has said, there are hundreds more available. Why they haven’t been shown, I couldn’t say, but the presumption should not be that they show an innocent frolic in the Capitol. The country needs to know the truth before the midterm elections. This sordid Event was an attack on our democracy, or it wasn’t.
What’s most troubling to me is that Republicans who were extremely critical of both Trump and the rioters, who called for investigation of the Day and events leading up to it, are now absolving Trump, and in all ways reversing their legitimate calls for investigation. Reps. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA), Gym Jordan (R-OH), Ron Johnson (R-WI) and Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) are just several. With few exceptions, the “Hidey-Hole” maneuver prevails. They no longer want this matter to be investigated for a very good reason, and now they have morphed to absolve Trump.
Because I am a political wonk, or hack, I have kept aware of the facts emerging from public documents. It is looking very much like a planned assault designed to further the intentions of Republican Senators to prevent the Constitutional performance of election duties by the Vice-President. The threats to Pelosi and Pence were real. The fear of the congressional members was real. The injuries, real.
It is only because most people are unaware of the emerging facts, or indifferent to them, that it seems like background noise. As a voter, I wish this process would move more quickly. We have a right to know if January 6, 2021, was an attempt to obstruct democracy or was a frat party that instigated a riot.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
Thank you Martin for your January 12 Editorial. I too wish Kelly would put forth items for discussion instead of blah, blah, blah. Kelly, you continue to spew gobbledygook and call people names failing to set forth facts only conjecture. You are proof that facts are insulting to liberals. Oh, and Kelly, Matt Gaetz is from Florida, not Georgia.
With respect to J6, you’ve seen all the videos? You have no questions as to why Pelosi refused to bring in the National Guard? Did you see the Capital Police open the barricade to let in the rioters? Or was that “doctored”. Do you care that the men are being held in solitary confinement? You must be okay with the setup of the J6 committee and that information is being withheld due to the failure of Pelosi to allow the picks the republicans put forth to be on the committee.
But let’s not stop there.
Are you okay with the DOJ’s instituting a “Domestic Terror Unit”? You believe there are strong domestic terrorism unit(s) active within the USA? Show me the proof, because neither Merrick or even our own Rep Brownley can provide. Or how about Biden’s message to the media and social network outlets (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) to root out all “misinformation”? Your ramblings magnify your support of the Sec of Education Cardona’s communication to the NSBA asking them to send a letter to the DOJ to target parents who speak out at various school board meetings as the board members feel threatened. Or Fauci failing to answer questions posed but pulls the “you sent people to threaten my life” rant. Those rants are similar to those who yell “raciest” when they haven’t a fact or leg to stand on.
As our senate fights to keep democracy alive, keep in mind according to Forbes 80% of Americans support voter ID; Yahoo, 62 %, Rasmussen $75%, or Gallup, four out of five support voter ID, yet our own representative doesn’t. Sadly, she didn’t even ask those who communicate with her our position on HR-4. As is usual, she reaches out after she’s cast her vote. That’s not representation, that’s totalitarianism.
Patti Walker,