Letters to the Editor
February 5th, 2009

To the Editor:
Dear Mr. Farrell,
Your editorial column is entitled “Realities”. Therefore, I am clarifying my position a bit for the newspaper readers in order to supply a sense of true reality. I suppose if we continue this process (extreme editorial and set the record straight retort) that the Fillmore Gazette readers will have some brief entertainment!
Previously, I voted “no” on the proposal to spend up to $10,000 on river bottom land appraisal and lawyer fees. In my opinion if the city is looking at purchasing land then the SELLER should pay for the appraisal. Because the amount of the purchase was open-ended, I voted no. It is my belief that a seller should come to the table with some ballpark figure in mind.
I voted “no” on parts of the bike trail grant proposed recommendations (There were five separate recommended action points). According to city staff, owning the land proposed would probably lead to the annexation of the area called “Sunken Village”. That event might cause some significant liabilities for the City. It was my position that this should be analyzed before plans were set in motion.
Jamey Brooks, councilmember
(01/29/09 Editorial may be found at www.fillmoregazette.com under Editorial)

To the Editor:
“If I speak I am condemned. If I remain silent I am damned.” Valjean to Officer Galbert. (Les Miserables)
So President Barack Obama did not like Rush Limbaugh’s comments. If the President’s agenda is challenged but passes without a political struggle, dare anyone oppose the new triumvirate of D.C., ie: Obama, Pelosi, and Reid? Our political interests have always been tenuated by the debate and seasonal unanimity of the People, not Rush Limbaugh, liberal Democrats, or the media. And what certainty should we look to from our national leaders when in concert, the president and majority party have set in motion an effort to silence a strongly held but different point of view? Republicans have been warned by the president that one man should not be listened to. And now Democrats are circulating a petition vilifying Rush Limbaugh. It’s true that Obama has socialist tendencies. So why are we surprised that his political annoyance demonstrates a foretaste of censorship?
Norbert Castel de Oro,

To the Editor:
It’s going on almost two weeks now and the city has done nothing to clean up this ditch (see photo). The stagnant water is infested with mosquitoes and diseases. The school children walk by this open ditch every day. It seems that the city has no intentions of doing anything about it. If you are concerned about your children’s health you may want to contact Public Works Director Bert J. Rapp at City Hall. 524-1500 ext. 231.
Milan Boyanich,