Letters to the Editor
February 29th, 2024

To the Editor:

The Primary Election is next Tuesday, March 5. For those who are considering voting for Donald Trump or incumbent Republicans, please consider the following:

The Republican Party is the Party of Trump, currently a shoe salesman, and mindlessly follows whatever he advocates. You have only to look to the Republican Congressionals and red state legislation to discover Trumpian principles. The Repo House is a mixed-sex frat-party food fight. It is the most dysfunctional in American history because they are either ignorant, or completely dismissive, of our form of government.

The essence of politics is negotiation and compromise, because not all of us in this democracy are of one mind. MAGA does not believe in compromise, or in the orderly transition of power unless the result of an election complies with their wishes. MAGA insists on victory because the non-compliant electorate is unworthy to govern (Limbaugh). Trump and MAGA have shown that they will overthrow the electoral process unless prevented. Even better, convince the electorate that democratic elections are untrustworthy unless they win.

It must be clear by now that Republicans intend to remove a woman’s right to determine her own reproductive health and believe that the government owns her uterus upon pregnancy until birth. Then, whatever. You are becoming way too independent and self-interested. Actions against mail-delivered drugs, attempts to restrict travel to states affording reproductive rights, criminal laws affecting parents or other loved ones attempting to facilitate travel or medical consultation, bounties on discovering violations of state rules against reproductive control of women’s bodies. Even the recent decision in Alabama proclaiming that frozen embryos are “children,” entitled to civil rights protection, for couples unable to conceive naturally (Trump panicked and decried it), tells anyone who is interested that the Republicans intend to control women (and their husbands and partners) at their most intimate and heartfelt moments.

It’s not “babies” they are concerned about, or they would vote for post-natal and childhood health options. They want to control women, “the little darlings,” who need have no right to choose for themselves.

Red states experiencing a shortage of illegal labor change labor laws to allow our children to work in bars and animal processing plants in the wee hours. They refuse to assist our allies-for-freedom, extol Putin, ban books that discuss things they don’t like. They tell other parents how they should raise their children, all the while disingenuously advocating for “parental rights.” They want you to judge all people by their standards and advocate that America must be a “Christian Nation,” despite the First Amendment.
Still your choice.

Kelly Scoles,
Fillmore, Ca.