Letters to the Editor
February 26, 2020

To the Editor:
Ms. McLeod’s assertion that I hate the president is incorrect. I save my hate for adults in authority who shield abusers, particularly of children. These would include abusing and abuse-tolerant clergy and of offenders in the Boy Scouts of America. It is correct, however, that while I respect the office, I do not respect many of the actions, statements, unconstitutional acts and uncivilized norms of this president.
This is a man with incredibly errant morals, in words and actions. He mocks others, including persons with disabilities, a prisoner-of-war American hero, and even gold-star families. He pays off porn stars. He makes a big show of giving money to vets, and then doesn’t do it. He gives every indication that he, at the very least, is tolerant of racism. He cages children, some of whom will never see their parents again. This man charges the government top dollar (yours) to house his security forces at his own establishments, though he claims he gives them a special rate (Google it to expose that lie). He frequently praises dictators and insults our allies in our name. He removes anyone from his cabinet and circle who does not completely agree with him, because to disagree with him is, in his own words, a traitorous act, and “un-American.”
Trump is a man who famously lies constantly. It’s as if he’s testing to see just how far afield he can go before his crowd turns on him in disbelief. So far, he can lie at will, and claim that anyone who challenges his many untruths or misconduct is perpetrating a “hoax” or a “fake news” story, or a treasonous attack on, not just him, but the country itself. If your child never took responsibility for his acts but always blamed others, constantly congratulated him or herself for real or imagined achievements, made fun of and bullied others, cast aspersions upon anyone who questioned him, and lied repeatedly, I believe you would obtain medical advice or treatment for that child as soon as possible.
Even more concerning is his view of the presidency and the balance of power. Ask yourself this: if and when a Democrat becomes president again, will you still insist that when he/she exercises “unlimited power over government," he/she can do “whatever I want?” No checks and balances, no calling out the president for overreach. That would mean, in retrospect, every single thing that Obama did was absolutely within his unlimited powers.
No, I don’t hate Trump. I wonder how someone who is essentially a showbiz personality has convinced so many of my countrymen to ignore this man behind the curtain and find a person worthy to lead our great country. I don’t hate Trump, I fear him and I fear for the future of our republic.
Kelly Scoles
Fillmore, CA