Letters to the Editor
February 22nd, 2024

To the Editor:

I’m glad we agree on the importance of providing support for Ukraine. You must be as appalled by the inaction of the Republican House as I am. And certainly, Trump’s invitation to Putin to invade our fellow NATO members must be a deal-breaker on Trump for you. That comment ought to sober up anyone who still think this man is presidential material.

I do want to comment on one other thing in your reply. There may be only one reality but there are many perspectives. The folly is in thinking that what you perceive as reality from your life experience, education, culture, and religion is all there is. That’s why democracy is so powerful and so worth saving. It functions best when we thoughtfully and respectfully bring together the perspectives of the many to broaden and deepen our individual understanding of what’s real. This government is built on a system of compromise and cooperation, not my way or the highway. Someone needs to explain that to Mike Johnson, Mitch McConnell, Trump and the rest of today’s Republicans.

Pat Collins,
Fillmore, Ca.