Letters to the Editor
February 22nd, 2024

To the Editor:

So many want to attack individuals and what they perceive to be failures by the Republicans to pass the Senate border security package. Their comments center on individuals or groups they believe stood in the way of it reaching Congress. Never have I heard or read why they believe the Senate package was a good thing. It might behoove everyone to know the difference between the two bills that were drafted relating to the border.

H.R. 2 Secure the Border Act of 2023 was passed by Congress and sent to the Senate which they placed on their calendar on May 16, 2023. H.R 2 ended catch and release, completed the wall at the southern border and stopped the current open border policies. It further expanded provisions regarding the application for asylum and to qualify as a refugee. The bill also sought agreements with our neighboring countries to the south to open a dialogue regarding immigration from their countries. When Senator Ted Cruz sought to bring this bill forward in the Senate, Senator Chuck Schumer refused to bring the matter to the floor.

Next comes the Senate border security package of 2024. The Senate package codified the current open border situation and allowed the continuation of the catch and release we’re suffering from today. It provided billions of tax dollars to sanctuary cities and states as well as non-profit organizations to provide maps and money to facilitate their crossing at the border. It would provide immediate work permits, even before knowing if they are covered under the current asylum and refugee definition. The bill allowed for the normalization of allowing five thousand to cross our border every week. If taken up by Congress and if it passed, it would remain law until the end of time, or until the public was making it an issue again.

If the desire to correct the problems facing America as it pertains to the border, why don’t the Democrats pass H.R. 2?
Over 10.6 million have come into America from all over the world, including from our adversaries China and Venezuela since Biden came into office. We cannot continue down this current path.

Patti Walker,
Fillmore, Ca.