Letters to the Editor
February 21, 2013

To the Editor:
Just wanted to thank Dick Diaz on the GREAT story about Elton Wagner! I wanted to let Dick know that my Grandmother, Ethel (Everson) Berrington, is also a graduate from the Class of ’38 and she is still living in the Fillmore Convalescent Home. Unfortunately, she suffers from Alzheimer’s, so her memory is not as good as Mr. Wagner’s.
Our family (Berrington’s) have been ranching on Guiberson Road in Fillmore for 110 years (since 1903). My brother (Jeff), sister (Missy Bowen), Uncle (Bob Berrington), cousin (John Berrington), and Great Aunt and Uncle (Jim & Mary Ann) all still live in Fillmore. I try to get down there a couple of times a year to visit and am planning to come down within the next month to celebrate my Grandma’s 93rd birthday in March.
Keep up the great work; I read the paper online every week!
Mike Berrington, PG, CEM
Principal Geologist
RDM Environmental, Inc.