Letters to the Editor
February 2, 2022

To the Editor:
Second Opinion. Correcting Misquotes. February 2, 2022.
I regret writing a column in which I have to refute misquotes. Nevertheless.
I did not say “marauding criminals,” I said, “accused marauding criminals,” many of whom have already been sentenced. The arrested insurgents presumably are represented by counsel, and I will leave it to them to resolve their clients’ issues with the courts. Or call the ACLU.
Guns are not the only weapons that can cause severe bodily harm. Subsequent FBI evidence revealed that many weapons were found including bats, poles, fire extinguisher canisters, and bear spray at the Capitol. The police had already confiscated several hundred guns, and ammunition, in D.C. in the days preceding the riot. A cache of guns and ammunition was located across the river for use when needed. Deaths occurred and many were injured, some of them seriously. Members of Congress reported alarm and many hid or ran in fear for their lives. Both McCarthy and McConnell initially accused Trump of instigating the insurgency and called for hearings on the matter but later, of course, changed their minds.
An early FBI opinion was that there was “no evidence that far-right allies of Donald Trump conspired to overturn the presidential election.” Additional investigation indicates otherwise. Evidence now shows that a command center was established in the Willard Hotel in D.C. in the days leading up to January 6, where Steve Bannon and Rudy Giuliani and other Party operatives mapped out strategies to try and reinstate Trump for a second term despite his losing the 2020 election. Recent news has been filled with the fraudulent claims of Republican “electors” in WI and MI. There is the recorded phone call to Secretary-of- State Raffensberger (R-GA) wherein Trump repeatedly asked him to “find 11,780 votes, which is one more than we have.” He refused and Trump has been on a vendetta against him ever since.
When you dismissed the January 6 rioters as not being domestic terrorists, you quoted only part of the definition. Not only do domestic terrorists deeply distrust the government, they endorse violent action to overthrow it and install their preferred "uniculturalism." You, yourself, have sanctioned “lock and load” on more than one occasion, Martin.
While violence and destruction are abhorrent, BLM and others are advocating for their constitutionally-protected civil rights, not attempting to overthrow the government to impose their religious and cultural preferences on the nation. The purpose of the violence is the point. Domestic terrorists believe that only they are entitled to assume and exercise power, all others are unworthy (one of Limbaugh's favorite memes). That means that they are essentially undemocratic.
There was one deflection that made me laugh. You are extremely sensitive to the label “racist,” when it wafts your way. I did not even whisper that there are no "non-white domestic terrorists” in this country. There are violent self-loathers everywhere. You conjured “the smell of racism” into the conversation. Sniff what you will.
But, since you raised the subject, let’s fantasize that the insurgents on January 6, attempting to obstruct the constitutional election process, depose the newly-elected president and install Trump in his place, were almost entirely weapons-wielding BLM folks or assorted violent people of color. Would you think of them as merely rambunctious Capitol visitors having an excessively good time? Smell anything yet?
There are so many interesting issues to discuss. So, let's at least quote each other correctly.
Kelly Scoles,


To the Editor:
Another lesson learned on the first year of Biden.
The USA has supplied more than a billion dollars in aid to Ukraine. Over 5,800 troops stationed here have been placed on high alert to be ready to leave on a moment notice to be placed in NATO nations in the event Russia invades Ukraine. Now I believe no nation should invade another. I also believe that any nation which wishes to join NATO be allowed as NATO nations support one another in times of need. Ukraine is not a member of NATO. Neither is Russia.
When questioned, Jonathan Finer, White House Deputy National Security Advisor on CNN or MSNBC last week said in response as to why we should support Ukraine from an invasion by Russia, stated, “It goes to a very fundamental principal of all nations which is that our borders should be inviolate, that our sovereignty should be respected.”. And VP Harris when asked, said, “The bottom line is we have been clear and consistent for quite sometime that we respect the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine.”
But Ukraine is not the purpose of this letter. I’m writing because in the twelve months that Biden has been president, over two million illegals have crossed the southern border into the USA, 185,000 in December 2021 alone. They pay coyotes a lot of money who use them for the transportation of drugs or other nefarious crimes against humanity.
They are not fully vetted. They do not have to have to have received the CV shot(s). They are placed on buses and planes and shipped all over the USA in secrecy in the middle of the night. They are dropped off and allowed to move about freely. Of the two million plus who have come here about 48,000 have reported back as required. The rest are in the wind. These are not family units. Many are single adult males who, pursuant to the order of the US Supreme Court were required to be returned to their country of origin.
A police officer was shot in Texas by an illegal. A known Saudi Arabian male who is on the US terrorist watch list was transported to New York. He was to be detained but instead he was set free.
I truly welcome all who wish to legally come here, but we are the only nation that has allowed people from all over to come through our open door. It’s evident that all who come are not seeking asylum. Our cities and our national security are placed at risk as a result.
The lesson I take from this situation is Biden will defend only foreign nations and it is only their borders he will fight to keep inviolate and sovereign.
Patti Walker,