Letters to the Editor
February 10, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion
This will be another momentous week in American history. Second impeachment and second trial for one president. One offense involved using the foreign powers of the US government to gain cooperation of another country to silence a political rival and, the second, incitement to riot against his own government while in office.
But I am all about trying to find a ray of sunshine, some reason to smile, or a laugh, at the turn history is giving us. I regret that I only have about 350 words for this missive, because I could have you rolling on the floor if Martin would give me carte blanche. But I kid Martin.
If you haven't seen and heard the recent Mike Lyndell "documentary" on the ways the 2020 election was "stolen," check YouTube because I cannot do it justice here. It takes Trump's arguments on how he won a landslide victory and commits them to video as if Jackson Pollack were illustrating "How Logic Works." He gives you Satan influencing voting algorithms! "Absolute Proof" will be Exhibit "A" at Dominion’s slander trial. I would start racking up those "good night's sleep" hours now, Mike.
Or Gym Jordan (QAnon-OH), who called on Democrats to "move on," to ignore Trump's 2021 Capitol War to earn the GOP's sly and heavily-conditioned promise of "unity," and decried the collapse of civilization in "cancel culture." There is a Sack cartoon in the Star Tribune of Colin Kaepernick, laughing.
Then there's the high-wire clown act, hilarious but frightening in its craziness: Marjorie Something Greene (Q-GA), believes Parkland, Newtown and other mass murders were "false flags" or hoaxes, asserts that CA wildfires are the result of space lasers, and has endorsed calls for the assassinations of Democratic legislators. All of these astounding beliefs, including her psychedelic claim that Democratic elites are part of a cannibalizing pedophile ring, earned her the Wall Street Journal's verdict of being merely "cuckoo" and "nutty."
Here's the funny part: Kevin McCarthy (Q-CA) minority House leader, gave Marjorie a "talking to" such that the Republican House gave her a standing ovation on the floor the other day. They endorsed her and, therefore, are complicit in her madness. No wonder Pelosi jerks McQ around with such aplomb.
Heck, here I am just getting started and I've reached my word count limit. Time to get serious. Because America.
Kelly Scoles,