Letters to the Editor
Febraury 27, 2019

To the Editor:
Thank You, Fillmore Lions Club
Our community is blessed to have such caring, generous, and dedicated men and women who strive to do good at every opportunity.
The Fillmore High School Drama Club would like to thank the Fillmore Lions Club for their continued support. Your donation will contribute to the education of young performers here in Fillmore, as it has for many years. Using past donations, FHS Drama has purchased new lighting and sound equipment, giving our actors the opportunity to learn the technical side of the performing arts. The funds have also been used to purchase tools and raw building materials, allowing our students the opportunity to develop important, hands-on, set design and construction techniques. The Lions Club donations over the years have allowed us to focus on the creation of art rather than the distraction of scrambling to raise funds every year. This year, your generosity will help fund our next production – keep an eye out for the announcement!
Thank you, Fillmore Lions Club!
Josh Overton – FHS Drama Teacher and Director and 97 grateful drama students.


To the Editor:
What do we know about Fillmore Middle School?
Parents take a minute to speak to your child son/daughter!
City of Fillmore only has one Fillmore Middle School.
1. Question: How many children attend Fillmore Middle School?
Answer: Too many!!
2. Question: How many staff supervisors on campus? During lunch and breaks?
Answer: Not enough supervision, low supervision/under staffed!!
3. Question: How many fights occur on campus?
Answer: Too many, majority fights aren’t reported, only few that they know about!!
4. Question: How many incidents of bullying on campus?
Answer: Too many!!
5. Question: How many incidents of peer pressure on campus?
Answer: Too many!!
Too many is too many, enough is enough!
Fillmore School District is spending thousands and thousands of dollars for laptops for our children at the Fillmore Middle School, great, very great! But what about these issues? Bullying, peer pressure, fighting? What about these issues? They won’t disappear or go away, they will continue and continue. So I say enough is enough!!
Fillmore Middle School is understaffed, low staff!!
I ask parents, we need to be aware of what goes on at the Fillmore Middle School and this is what goes on? Low staff/under staffed.
Negligent supervision at Fillmore Middle School.
Veronica Garcia