Letters to the Editor
December 9, 2020

To the Editor:
Second Opinion
It concerns me that you are trying to create baseless doubts in people’s minds about the last election. Even Rush Limbaugh has said the base is starting to look like kooks.
Contrary to your flurry of fevered assertions last week, the election has been decided by the electorate by 7,000,000 vote majority, as reported by the Chief of Cybersecurity for Elections, Christopher Krebs, a lifelong Republican hired by President Trump to safeguard the elections system from interference by foreign or domestic actors. Krebs was fired by Trump just after the election when Krebs assured the nation that it was the "safest election in history." But, since Trump had been promising a “rigged election” since June, off with his head.
AG Bill Barr, who has heretofore been Trump's bulldog, has determined that there is no evidence of fraud or error that would change any election outcome, and is awaiting his guillotine. Thirty-four judges in various states and counties, many of them Republican nominees to the bench, have denied allegations of fraud because of ridiculous pleadings and lack of evidence.
Secretaries of States and Attorneys General of both political parties have confirmed that no votes were counted anywhere but in the US. It is a mystery why the voting machines employed by a dead Venezuelan despot could only negate votes for Trump. Do you honestly think that in the Democratic political genius, only the votes for Trump were manipulated on multi-race ballots?
I can assure you that, if the Democrats had decided to “fix” the election, Mitch McConnell, John Cornyn, Lindsey Graham, Joni Ernst, Susan Collins and Kevin McCarthy would be looking for other employment, and there would be no need for a runoff for the Georgia senate seats.
As for the “courage and determination” of Rudy “Ghouliani” of melting-hair fame, and Sidney “Kraken” Powell: Powell was removed from the very small team of attorneys willing to serve Trump’s demands because she was so crazy. Too bonkers for Rudy; no small achievement. Meanwhile, Trump grifts for money to “fight the election fraud.” Everyone knows what the money is for. It is for Donald personally, as it always has been.
If, at this point, you are going to call an election a massive deliberate fraud, you cannot avail yourself of excuses, “too numerous to mention here.” If you’ve got something besides the litany of fraud allegations in your editorial, all rejected by the courts, let’s have it, Martin. You are correct that honest elections are of vital importance to our democracy. Honest acceptance of the results is, too.
Kelly Scoles,