Letters to the Editor
December 6, 2012

To the Editor:
About three weeks ago in the high winds we had the pepper tree in our front parkway fall onto our front lawn. As we were surveying the damage at 7am a city employee stopped by and informed us that he had a tree crew on the way to remove the tree. The crew arrived and within 45 minutes had the tree removed and then moved to another location to repeat the operation. Before leaving the crew explained that they would return when time allowed to also remove the remainder of the stump and root system.
On Sunday, Dec. 2nd we awoke to no water pressure and found that our water meter had water running from it. At 7am we called the cities' emergency number and left a message thinking that we would be lucky for a Sunday response. Ten minutes later we received a return call and ten minutes after that we had a city employee at our door. After doing what he could with the leak he hooked us up to our neighbor's outside faucet with a garden hose and disconnected the meter register so neither of us would be charged for the water that continued to leak. He promised to return on Monday and at 7:30 am on Monday the crew arrived and did a beautiful repair job and even removed the stump.
To the crew and the City we sincerely thank you for your effort and timeliness. Thanks again for a job well done.
Curt and Sue Adams