Letters to the Editor
December 4

To the Editor:
Was anyone else flabbergasted to read that the City of Fillmore will take over the operation of the Senior Center? The City with a vote of the City Council decided not renew the contract with Fillmore Senior Center Inc., a non-profit group of volunteers. Why does the City think it can run the Center better then this group? This is a dedicated group of seniors who brought the Center back to a vibrant busy gathering place for seniors.
The City did a poor job of running the Center. Why do they think they can do a better job now? Who at the City will oversee the Center? We don’t know the reasons for the City takeover because the Council made this decision in closed session. Supposedly this is legal but is it right? There was no public input. My guess is you (City and City Council members) have already started hearing why this was a poor decision. So much for transparency in our City government.
Cindy Blatt
Fillmore, CA


To the Editor:
This comment is in response to Mr. Tim Imhoff's letter to the editor last week:
Mr. Imhoff,
It pleases me to know that there is someone in town so vastly informed and experienced in the Mexican culture.
I must say, though, I am very disappointed that you did not take the opportunity to run for the FUSD Board or Fillmore City Council.
I hope to meet you one of these days so that I might become as enlightened as you obviously are about my Mexican culture and the rest of the world.
Most impressed,
Norma Pérez-Sandford