Letters to the Editor
December 3rd, 2009

To the Editor:
Several years ago our then City Attorney Roger Myers, gave me $50 to buy Marie Callender Pies for some needy families for their Thanksgiving Dinner. Since then I have had donated "Pie Money" given by more and more Fillmore people each year. These people that give are people that aren't going to be home or they just share and extend their Pie Order. Last year we changed the plan to giving to the "seniors". So we sent the pies to the "Meals on Wheels" and the for the people that have their lunch/dinner at the Senior Center. Antonia said the seniors were very happy with their pies and that the pies were delivered that Tuesday just in time to be cut and served.
So thank you all that have given in the past and the ones that donated this year (again): Marge Le Bard,
Dani Steiger, Martha Gentry, Patrick Maynard, Bev Haase, Jane Kampbell, Jim Herbert, Don Downey, Trinka Reynolds (Mortgage).
Very Sincerely,
Raelene Chaney
Grad Nite Live

To the Editor:
El Dorado: Some of our residents received a Rental Agreement. The idea that the board of the HOA has formed a committee to “negotiate the Rental Agreement” is obviously absurd. To begin with it is not a “lease” it is a Rental Agreement. And they can’t honestly think that the owners will sit down and even talk with them, let alone negotiate with them? These so called HOA members think they own the park! These people and some town residents don't realize the money the nincompoop’s have cost the city ($20,000+). El Dorado’s chaos and discord is directly attributable to their actions. Because of their previous rent control demands we got Measure F. Because of their insults and accusations of the owners and management, now we are only offered a rental agreement instead of a lease. What is next, an all age park? Please wake-up. They are destroying this park and the enjoyable life style we used to have. Their Collective Stupidity will destroy us all. El Dorado has two enemies: Those who want to destroy us from the outside and those who created this mess will destroy us from within.
A Concern Citizen of El Dorado
Raul Torres

To The Editor:
Attention Ashamed FUSD employee:
Your misconception is that two district office employees can control the thoughts and minds of so many. You would have us believe that anyone who shares an opinion that might be in agreement with Dr. Bush’s or Mr. Sweeny’s position then that thought must have been place there by them. You have them in control of the thoughts of parents, teachers, and board members. You would have us believe that only a fortunate few like yourself has been able to escape their powerful ability to transfer their cognition to another. Do you wear some special helmet that deflects their thoughts or is your skull just naturally thicker than rest of ours?
Not ashamed to be an employee of FUSD,
John Schaper

To the Editor:
I am writing in response to a recent anonymous letter, signed “ashamed FUSD employee.” The author was not willing to sign his or her name, but was willing to write critically, by name, about other Fillmore Unified School District employees. In particular, the anonymous letter writer mentions me in connection with a petition to recall Fillmore Unified Teachers’ Association (FUTA) president, Theresa Marvel. This isn’t exactly accurate. There is a petition, but it is not to recall Ms. Marvel, it is to call for a vote to recall Ms. Marvel.
Oddly, “ashamed employee” makes no mention whatsoever of a second petition. There is also a petition to call for a recall vote for FUTA vice-president Chris Pavik. I am a cosponsor of both petitions. In fact, there are cosponsors from every school site in the district, except Sierra High School. This recall campaign is widely supported throughout the Fillmore Unified School District.
In an online comment, “ashamed employee” accuses Superintendent Jeff Sweeney of “attempting to orchestrate the removal of Marvel.” This is completely false. Mr. Sweeney had absolutely nothing to do with instigating or encouraging a recall vote.
The anonymous writer also states in online comments that “the petition to recall Fillmore Teacher's Union President Theresa Marvel was signed by a small group of union members well connected to you [Sweeney], Bush and School Board Members.”
I don’t know how many the letter writer considers a small group. The minimum number of signatures needed to force a recall vote is 48. We collected the signatures of 78 Fillmore teachers for the recall of Ms. Marvel, and 86 for the recall of Mr. Pavik. We quit gathering signatures early, since we had more than enough to force a vote.
“Ashamed employee” characterizes me as “Bev and John Garnica’s good friend and apparent “hired gun” when it comes to issuing detailed emails and public statements supporting school board decisions.” I readily admit to being friends with the Garnicas, but I categorically deny in any way being a “hired gun” for the district. That’s a figment of “ashamed employee’s” rather active imagination. Anything I have ever written, any analysis I have ever done, any opinions I have ever expressed, are completely my own. No district administrator or school board member has ever suggested that I write on any topic, or has assisted me in any way.
Greg Spaulding

To the Editor:
Soccer v. Football
I find it every sad that while attending last nights JV Soccer game I had no where to sit but on the ground! I turn around to see a beautiful field behind me empty of soccer players, but plenty of action going on with the football players! I understand that the football team has made it to the next round but it is really necessary for them to take up the field while the soccer team is hosting a game? How embarrassing for the Fillmore Soccer team to have to play on this felid when we have a perfectly good field! How embarrassing for us to have our parents, fans and community members sit on the ground! Does football come first? Why did the coaches feel the need to use it during the soccer team’s game time! Shouldn’t it be whoever has a game gets to use it and if it is a practice session then you are voted off! Why couldn’t the football players use the baseball field for practice! At one point that’s all they had to use! But now it is only good enough for the soccer players to host a game!
What’s more important here? There have been times where the soccer team has gone to the playoffs or have made it all the way too! Is The football team special compared to the soccer team!? What will happen at next week’s tournament? Will this happen again!
I will say that the Varsity game was allowed to use the field for their game and so many people showed up and the seats were nearly full with fans, parents, and community members! How great it looked!
Note: the pictures of all the standing fans, parents and students who attended the JV game! No one is supposed to be standing behind the goalie but there are several students there!
Unfortunately, our Flashes did not win!
Christina Carrizal-Vasque