Letters to the Editor
December 30, 2020

To the Editor:
Here is my response to your “Realities” editorial “showing” how Joe Biden was “fraudulently” elected:
First, all of us Democrats quickly learned that the will of the tiniest majority of people in Florida, in November 2000, was to send Al Gore to the White House.
Secondly, we learned that the election in Florida had some unintentional but crucial snafus to it, (i.e. the “butterfly” ballot) resulting in George W. Bush’s narrow election.
Thirdly, we disappointed Democrats fell in line with our candidate, who graciously conceded the election... a shocking result, to lose on a 59-yard field goal with no time left!!
In November your candidate lost; there is no evidence of voter fraud, the federal and state courts have said so 50 times, and China was not involved. Nor do the Trump campaign lawyers assert otherwise to a judge... any judge, anywhere.
The only question is, can you serve us Fillmorites by accepting reality, or does it just feel so very wrong, in your long experience of politics, that you know that clinging to a BIG CONSPIRACY is the noble path forward?
Respectfully submitted,
Tom Somers


To the Editor:
I was very troubled to read your apocalyptic view of our country and the world. As if periods of great change have not always brought with them the anxiety, fear of the unknown, and pain of some sort. I heard a lot of pain in that editorial, some of it passing as deep angst, and I know that you are not the only one so afflicted. I know, too, that so many are facing more immediate concerns about food and job security as well as Covid resistance. The events of the last four years, especially 2020, will change our country and the world forever.
Change is hard for all and disastrous for some. Fortunately, On January 20, 2021, we will have an administration that has a track record of trying to improve government and responding to the needs of the ever-expanding failures of our current economic practices. The Democratic Party has not done enough for the working class. The Republican Party believes the ordinary American is disposable, that status quo will keep most of them in line, and can often be relied upon to accept entertainment over policy. Under McConnell, McCarthy, Blackburn, Grassley, Cornyn, Graham, et al., it has has been demonstrated that the GOP believes conservative (and necessarily, change-resistant) power is its own reward
We need all the vision and new ideas we can engender because the changes coming are massive. For one, we must determine the country’s economic base. It’s not manufacturing (unless it is renewable, or “green,” energy and equipment), or gas and oil, or services. Farming is at risk. Banking will be our base? Our GNP is not doing well. One political approach, under the Republicans and Trump, has not worked, even without Covid. The stock market does not reliably help anyone who cannot take a major financial hit, and that’s most of us.
It's up to us, as it should be. We are in this together and we're going to be called upon to prove it. Everyone in this country and every country on the planet. America First does not help us. Talking loudly, crudely and ignorantly whilst brandishing a big stick is clearly counter-productive, as Teddy R advised. We do not operate in a vacuum. here or anywhere. The current practice of the Capitalistic Faith is not working for far, far too many people; it requires a second look and some readjustments. And fast.
Kelly Scoles,