Letters to the Editor
December 25th, 2008

To the Editor:
Dear Martin,
I was reading your "Realities" page on the Internet and noticed a "reality" about you. A ways down, you have an editorial blasting while at the top of the page you have an ad for a company selling "Super Obama" t-shirts. You sell out easily, don't you. Your so called "Realities" can be bought for a few bucks. That makes your opinion seem pretty cheap, huh?
Dave Roegner,

Dear Dave,
The ads that run on the side of our web page are part of an advertising topical words program based on an algorithm system, which randomly matches topical words on the website. We have no control over the contents of the ads. So, since I write about Obama, good or bad, their servers select ads which relate to Obama. To make it clearer, if it were your webpage, the ads would probably contain information on lobotomies.
Sincerely, Martin Farrell

To the Editor:
To The People of Fillmore
We, the people of the Fillmore First United Methodist Church, would like to thank you for your concern and love during our time of trouble. First of all, it was only the church sign on the corner of Sespe and Fillmore that suffered visible damage and vandalism, i.e. tagging the plastic by scratching and until the plastic fractured and broke, that became apparent because the other signs of tagging of our church walls are quickly covered by the efficient efforts of the City of Fillmore whom we also thank. We had many calls of concern that possibly we were going out of operation. No such thing! We continue to serve all who come - we have seats available every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. Come and visit and be welcome.
The Congregation.