Letters to the Editor
December 23, 2020

To the Editor:
It is Christmas week, in honor of which I will not render any political opinions. I hope this finds you in touch with family, virtually and spiritually if not physically. This will end and we will be restored to our loved ones. Thank you to those who observed the mask and washing protocols.
I was so happy to see Art Sanford’s Letter to the Editor (LTTE) last week. We are so fortunate in Fillmore, in that we have a local newspaper for just our community, where can expound on our concerns, and dispute (or agree with) our Editor. We are fortunate that Martin tolerates opposing opinions in the Gazette, and sometimes I think he gets a charge out of them. I hope that more readers will take on an issue when they feel so moved. I have tried to get Martin to give me a little weekly column so that I don’t take up all that space in the LTTE but, so far, no luck. Thank you, Mr. Farrell, for publishing opinions, especially when they are diametrically opposed to your own.
For Martin and Tenea and staff, thanks for all your hard work. Thanks to all the parents who are working so hard at keeping their kids in virtual school, and the teachers who have to keep up with 30 kids by computer. Shops and stores that have enforced the mask requirement have my gratitude. The parents who work are heroic, and even more so those who cannot. God bless the farmworkers, postal workers, and all those delivery people. 2020 has been a long and difficult year. The burden on some has been harder, on some easier, but let us all do what we can to lift up others in 2021. Happy Christmas Season.
Kelly Scoles