Letters to the Editor
December 22, 2021

To the Editor:
Second Opinion: Bless their Hearts. December 23, 2021.
In an often contentious and challenging time, there are still many stories this year to warm the heart of even the worst Scrooge. Random acts of kindness: neighbors helping an old lady get into her house when she locked herself out, other neighbors bringing her garbage cans from the street after pickup (and I think some may be Republicans, bless their hearts), police helping kids by buying them a pair of shoes or a blanket, a kid bringing a donut to a fireman in a restaurant, people sponteneously paying for someone else’s meal, providers of meals for children and parents without home or hearth, teachers buying supplies for their students.
Recognition of our common humanity and of the fact that at the end we all face the same fate, and whatever we do to make the journey safer, happier, or easier for our neighbors, near or distant, defines our success as a human being.
A Happy Christmas to those who treasure the celebration of the "Good News" of the New Testament, and the joys of the season to all.
Kelly Scoles,