Letters to the Editor
December 18th, 2008

To the Editor
Dear Martin,
You are entitled to your opinion however over emphasized or over dramatized. When I asked for copies of contracts I did so knowing that the majority of people voting for me wanted the same fiscal accountability that "I want". This country, this state and this city need financial restructuring. I asked for information on items that are of the most cost to the city. In the past, I stated financial statements at budget workshops (the proper time and place). The place on the City Council agenda to ask for specific information is 10D (other discussion/information from Mayor, City Council and City Staff). I asked then because I wanted a consensus of the council. Then staff was directed after discussion from the whole council. That was the proper time and place to bring it forth. There is a group of people who will not like any direction of change I may propose. There is a large group of people who voted for me who are expecting a closer look at the finances of the city. You and I have two different opinions about how I should proceed as a city leader. You have dramatically said I was grinning like a three-year-old and acting like a little Caesar. I do not recall grinning at all (it might have been a grimace). I am short, but I am no little Caesar. Throughout the recent campaign, some people attacked others with name calling. I find it a pity that you would use this tactic. As "the Editor" of Fillmore's only newspaper, if you disagree with things, state your case without the name calling. We all can respect that.
Jamey Brooks,

To the Editor
Re. Martin Farrell’s Realities: After watching city council members come and go for over thirty years I have observed that, although they obviously have different personalities, styles, philosophies, experiences, backgrounds, intellect and knowledge, they all come to the office either familiar or unfamiliar with how city government operates.
The unfamiliar are those who we never knew were interested in city governance until they ran for office. We never heard them offer a public opinion on an issue either before the council or in the local press. They get elected, receive their orientation from city staff on how to be a city council member and quite often become nothing more than a “rubber stamp” for whatever staff says. At that point they cease being the people’s representative.
The familiar are those who have been engaged. They have researched issues and city documents, voiced their opinions before the City Council and/or public media outlets. We know where they stand on the issues when we go in the voting booth. Gayle Washburn and Jamey Brooks came into office familiar and engaged - for years.
Their agenda, if I’m not mistaken, is open government (transparency), provide oversight, demand accountability and fiscal responsibility. That should make it easy for the local press. Give them a call.
Personally, I want to know who was behind the scheme to cheat a couple of cities out of their share of sales tax monies so Fillmore could get some ill-gotten revenue. Would it be too much to ask our local newspaper to get to the bottom of this story? After all, we could be facing a multi-million dollar lawsuit over it.
Bob Stroh,

To the Editor
Why I support the Boys and Girls Club
#1. As you all know, the decisions kids make during their adolescence dramatically alter the rest of their lives. It’s often easier to make the wrong decisions due to several factors including peer pressure. While parents are the prime caregivers for children, work schedules and life do not allow children to be supervised all the time. So any supplemental guidance and mentoring can really make the difference.
#2. The mentoring received at the Boys and Girls Club can make a difference. Our well trained, dedicated yet underpaid staff are positive role models for so many of our valley’s children. I know in my life, one or two mentors really helped me chose the right direction just when I needed it.
#3. The Boys and Girls Club is time tested. For the past 75 years, clubs through out the country have been there for the youth of America performing their duties in a quiet humble manner.
Before I came on the Board, I thought substantial support came from the United Way and the national organization. Unfortunately, that is not the case. We need support from the communities we serve to cover our operating costs. I assure you, every dollar is spent wisely. Please send your donations to P. O. Box 152, Santa Paula or call 525-7910.
Mike Hause,