Letters to the Editor
August 7, 2019

To the Editor:
Fillmore Unified needs to show its teachers that it values, appreciates, and respects their dedicated commitment to our district. Our community should know that FUSD teachers’ compensation ranks LAST of fifteen school districts in the County while administrators rank highest. Teachers are leaving for other districts and careers.
Students’ lives are positively shaped by the dedication of hard-working, engaging teachers in our community. Our own daughter began her K-12 FUSD school career at Piru Elementary. Our family became multi-cultural by hosting AFS international students who each spent one special year at Fillmore High School. I have the unique perspective of seeing our community teachers through the eyes of exchange students. They were impressed by the caring attitude of our teachers. Contrasting what they are used to in their home countries, Fillmore teachers are genuinely interested in their students personally and academically. These interactions positively impact future decisions.
Mr. Sebek’s lunchtime math assistance helped our student who pursued further studies in business. Ms. Huxtable had engaging science lessons. Mr. Anderson encouraged our German daughter’s writing while inspiring her with history. She changed her career interest from law to teaching. Mock Trial, drama, swim, soccer, volleyball, track, and softball coaches made the American high school experience extraordinarily memorable.
Teachers make the difference! Our School Board and Superintendent must acknowledge and support the positive impact Fillmore’s dedicated teachers have on the lives of our diverse student population. Show you value your teaching staff! Provide what they deserve: salary and benefits without a cap that are balanced equally or greater with the median of districts in Ventura County.
Sandra Butts
19 years Fillmore Teacher and
FUTA member


To the Editor,
Under LCAP, FUSD’s goal is to attract, hire, support, and retain high performing staff. Over the last four years, FUSD has hired and trained 91 educators from classroom teachers to school counselors, psychologists and other employees who work directly with students. During the same period, 73 FUSD educators have resigned both tenured and non-tenured positions. These include professionals who were newly hired, or chose to leave after working in Fillmore for years. This past school year alone 18 educators were hired in FUSD, yet 23 have resigned before this current school year has even started.
Retaining high quality professionals means students learn in classrooms with teachers who stay and grow careers here in Fillmore. This benefits students with consistency in classrooms and educators veteran enough to have a refined craft. It is alarming, as both a parent of FUSD students, and as a 20-year employee of FUSD, to see so many educators leave our schools.
While we don’t know the reasons why so many professionals have left FUSD, it’s possible to speculate that many moved on to districts with more competitive salaries given Fillmore’s rank of 15th out of 15 districts in the county. Some may have chosen to leave for districts that offer more quality, less restrictive benefits for the needs of their families, and still others in search of more supportive and collaborative leadership. Fillmore students deserve educators who will stay and it’s time our school board and leadership took notice and work harder to keep quality teachers in Fillmore.
Tammy Ferguson
Fillmore Unified teacher, FUTA president