Letters to the Editor
August 4, 2021

Second Opinion.
January 6 Hearings, etc., August 4, 2021.
Although many Congressional Republicans have stated that they will not watch the House’s January 6 Select Committee Hearing, I hope that every American will take the opportunity to watch as much of the Hearing as possible.
On Tuesday last, some of the Capitol Police officers testified before the Committee. They appeared to be nearly as upset about the way the Republican Senate has dismissed their efforts and injuries after January 6 as they were about the violence of the mob.
They had not expected the congressional Repos to minimize their exercise of duty or physical or mental injuries. There are very few men, particularly in law enforcement, who can be induced to admit mental harm in the performance of duty.
They reported seeing tactical gear, goggles, flag poles, sticks, bear spray, and fire extinguishers used as weapons. One officer reported that many guns were confiscated in DC, in the days leading up to January 6, from people who were later identified as part of the insurrection. Military tactics were used by members of the crowd to advance on the Capitol.
It was their professional opinion that the riot was pre-planned. A post-incitement-rally warm-up crowd comprised of Rep.Mo Brooks (R-AL), Don Jr. and his operatic girlfriend, and others were waiting at the Capitol and had alerted the press to their presence.
Officers reported that the mob of several thousands was almost exclusively Caucasian males, mostly middle-aged though younger people were present. A Caucasian officer said the mob was comprised nearly exclusively of Trump supporters. He recognized the goading cheers, threats, and slogans because he had voted for Trump. Officers reported that black colleagues were repeatedly called “ni*ger.” The officers saw no evidence of the presence of Black Lives Matter or Antifa.
The videos that have already been presented are testament to the actual intent of the mob, as is the testimony of the law enforcement officers present on the scene. Makeshift gallows on the Capitol lawn, the scene of the VP escaping down the back stairs to avoid capture with the military aide carrying the nuclear codes following closely, broken furniture and windows, attempts to breach the House Floor, and demands that the Speaker of the House show herself. This was later described by Republicans as a "peaceful protest" and just a "normal tourist visit." One officer suffered a heart attack when he was tortured by the crowd pushing on a door across his chest.
The Repos were quick to accuse the officers of “acting.” The Tweedle Troll Twins, AngerHam and Tucky, gave awards for the “best performance.” This is the Party of “Law and Order?” I guess that’s only true when it is invoked for their causes. Why on earth would Fox be willing to sink so low? Because they expect that their audience will believe them, no matter how preposterous the accusation. They've done it before.
Our government was challenged in our Capitol with violence from within, by our own citizens, with the encouragement and support of numerous elected Republican members of Congress, unidentified financial interests, and others as yet unidentified.
Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) and Mitch McConnell (R-KY) accused the president of causing the riot, right after they voted against impeachment on January 13, 2021. Now, they cannot recall.
We now know that then-President Trump pressed acting AG Rosen and other top DOJ officials to declare the election “failed” even though no widespread fraud had been found, so that he and his Congressional allies could try to overturn the election results. If he couldn't win honestly Trump, as he always has, claimed that everyone else was corrupt. And he is perfectly fine with tearing the country apart to get his way.
After reading Martin’s editorial last week, perhaps he and I should review the intent of this column as he suggested. I thought it was to raise questions about the country, Martin’s editorial comments, or comments from the Gazette's readers.
I read Martin's KKK comment as incendiary, but he has said a lot of things that have set my hair afire. He believes that my interpretation of his sarcasm was unfair. I am happy to express my regret in finding a meaning he did not intend. There is enough pain in the country as it is.
I was moved to recall a mantra in my communications course: say or write what you mean, and mean what you say or write. Once an author puts a statement into the public realm, it is in the audience's hands, and the chance at clarity expires. From experience, I have learned that the use of sarcasm is always risky. I would think double that for a comment on vigilante racism. As we have seen, reactions can be visceral.
Kelly Scoles,