Letters to the Editor
August 4, 2011

To the Editor:
Enough is enough!
I am a 50 year old man that is proud to say I have grown up & lived most of my life in the great city of Fillmore. I went to school & worked in this town. I have lived through earthquakes, floods & death of family & friends in our place we call home.
Well I must say I have had ENOUGH of this so called city leadership called a City Council!
Ms. Washburn, Mr. Brooks, Mr. Sipes, & Ms. Walker the so called "New" guard council are killing our great town...Over & over again.
Maybe you need to look at history of our town & know that what we are the most proud of is that when the times are at there hardest or worst we all stick together! We do not point to the other person & say it is their fault. We say what can we do to help. We do not have a knife to stick it in someone’s back.
Mr. Conaway is the only City Council person left that is still the "old" guard council. He is the only one there who is still for the town of Fillmore instead of for the "New group".
The city workers, planning commissioners & the people of "Old" guard Fillmore are hurting because of the way you think & do things. Next time you might want to hear what we all are saying instead of what just you 4 are saying!
God Bless Fillmore & the U.S.A.
Joe M. Woods Sr.

To the Editor:
Some thoughts on Perception Management.
The method of creating untrue facts have been practiced throughout history. People have, for various reasons created a lie about a person, place or thing and repeated it over and over again which then others replicate said lies for others to believe. Let's now move forward to the present and the world of Perception Management (PM). Public Relations (PR's) firms offer Perception Management services at a high cost and have exceptional talent in creating lies of various magnitudes. They create facts, then publish them throughout the world. A major untruth can be created quickly and overwhelmingly, that no one digging into after the fact can trace the true source and prove otherwise, which makes it so dangerous.
These (PR) firms perpetrate these deceptions through various forms of the media i.e., radio, newspapers, magazines, newscasts, computers and hand held electronic devices. Any of these methods provide a massive and instant data release. This includes all forms of mis-information unseen by viewers. Countries, Government political groups, advertisers, businesses and yes (!) terrorists, use PM tactics to demean and lower the character status or reputation of persons, places or situations. In todays environment of massive mis-information it is nearly impossible to separate fact from fiction. We read/hear something about a person or situation and we immediately accept it as fact without positive knowledge of the facts. We then repeat and convince others of our position. These snap conclusions are based on our prejudices which we developed from childhood to our present life. We declare our true beliefs are based on the "United States Constitution", "The Bill of Rights" and religious teachings. (All men/women are created equal and have the same rights as we do). Yet we select our own selfish values over others at their expense thereby creating quick judgmental positions.
To better be prepared when deciding if the items we hear/read are factual or not, it would be wise to set them aside until it is a proven fact, if not, stay neutral until proven otherwise.
Ray Dressler