Letters to the Editor
August 31, 2023

To the Editor:

Martin, I have long tried to determine why you have such a heat on for the “evil” of transgenderism. Presumably, it is not an issue with which you, and other like-minded souls, personally grapple. I’ll venture an opinion: they fear that the bedrock reality they understood in their youth is being significantly challenged, and reconsideration of their assumptions may be too distressing and consequential.

Despite the lyrical beauty of much of the Old Testament, Martin, it is not a history book. History does not include “angels rebelling against God and releasing something called evil down to earth.” The thrilling Biblical story was meant to explain how God can be “good” when his people still suffer intensely. Fear not. If God is all-powerful, he doesn’t need to worry about an upstart.

The conundrum is that the Biblical God created humans with the ability to exercise free will, but when they acted consistent with that gift, though chose unwisely, God punished them forever.Christ came to remedy that gaping problem with Love over Law. All religions hold that God can do no wrong, so why did he create LBGTQ people, or people of different races and religions? Apparently, God did not create “two perfectly distinct sexes” either, as you expected from your misunderstanding of Genesis as historical fact.

The David Reimer story was a tragedy where a child, a victim of a botched circumcision, was raised, unknowingly, as a girl on the advice of a questionable doctor. “As a result, he experienced gender dysphoria, which is the feeling that one’s biological sex differs from their gender identity. People who identify as transgender often experience gender dysphoria early in life as well. His tragic case to reclaim his gender identity contributed to a better understanding of the relationship between gender and biological sex.” Source, “Church Militant” (emphasis mine). It supports my position, Martin.
I did have one tiny smile at your assertion that the Biblical creation story and concept of pure evil versus good is a “foundational principle of our Republic.” You argued that “for consistency,” we should also reject transgenderism. This is erroneous on so many levels and arrives at such grotesque logic that I will step carefully over the steaming mass and move on.

Some people are afraid to consider the reality of others, and take refuge in finding it “evil” as a shield against a painful challenge to long-held beliefs. “Evil,” or the “absence of love,” is a weapon that we often brandish against each other for our own “protection,” resisting the recognition of our common humanity. It is a self-destructive act.

Kelly Scoles
Fillmore, Ca.