Letters to the Editor
August 28th, 2008

To the Editor:
With the dire financial situation in which the city finds itself, how can the city council even consider giving the city staff the raises that were indicated in last week's Gazette? With the loss of Federal and State grants and funds, the money used for the proposed raises could be used to help offset some of the needed expenditures to prevent the loss of the motor officer, a second gang officer the school resource officer, as well as with the funds needed for the Boys and Girls Club and the Veterans Memorial District. Scott Lee indicated that the raises were needed to retain the best people. But does the city have the best people and are they worth the money they are now receiving, which includes a cafeteria allowance? If the raises are granted, then the citizens of Fillmore need to think very seriously about who they vote for in the election for city council in November.
Dick Mosbarger,

To the Editor:
In response to Ms. Farkas’ August 14 Letter to the Editor:
While everyone acknowledges that Fillmore has a chloride problem Self-Regenerating Water Softeners (SRWS) are not the primary cause; we –the citizens- are the primary cause. WE dump untold amounts of fertilizers, household chemicals and more into the wastewater system. Yes, SWRS do contribute – a fraction of the whole.
Removing every Self-regenerating water softener will NOT bring this city (or any city) into compliance. In fact, at some times of the year, the water available to the citizens straight out of the tap – is out of compliance before they’ve used it for anything, including their SRWS!
The problem is not the SWRS, the problem is not the normal things we use and do in life that go down the drain. Let’s eliminate draconian measures that don’t make the problem better – beginning with the Regional Water Quality Control Board. Truth is, the state of California is arguably the single largest user of water softener salt. Because California state prisons all have huge self regenerating water softeners to protect on-site in-place assets –hot water boilers, piping, concrete and the like. Average SRWS-using citizens, likewise, want to protect their appliances, pipes and boilers.
Assembly Bill 2270 is not the answer. It is a good and noble bill concerning water reuse/recycling. The problem is, it really doesn't accomplish anything since AB2270 just shuffles the same pieces around the board. What it will do is transfer citizens’ rights from Elected Officials - and it will give those rights to Appointed Officials on the Regional Water Control Board.
Re: a ‘tip-line’ to report abusers: The thought of a citizen setting up or condoning a mechanism to do this must have been a misprint. Mistakes happen.
For more info: www.savemysoftener.com.
Michael T. Mecca
Performance Water Products Inc.
Pacific Water Quality Association

To the Editor:
An open letter to Tabitha’s Mom Maria:
Dear Maria:
It was so special to meet you this late afternoon at Super A market. Although my small act was special to you, meeting you and hearing about your daughter, Tabitha meant so very much to me.
With Tabitha leaving today for boot camp in the US Marine Corps I completely understand your sense of sadness and fear for your child. I too have hugged two of my four children and sent them off to boot camp. I have hugged them both as they left the US to serve in a foreign country and to also serve during the war.
Maria I know that you are feeling out of sorts. As you begin receiving letters in the mail and get that 5-mintute phone call once or twice, these will serve as the small blessings that will keep both Tabitha, you and your family going.
As parents we so often take for granted that our children will be physically present in our lives day in and day out. And then they grow up and begin to make their own path. Although we miss them tremendously this is what we raise them to do.
When Tabitha returns to her home in Fillmore she will not only be a part of the Marine Corp. but she will be a hero to all of us. All of our soldiers who serve whether in the U.S. or in a foreign land are heroes. To have the courage to serve one’s country is a special calling.
So from the bottom of my heart I say THANK YOU for taking a moment to share your Tabitha’s story with me. I will add her name to my prayer list of soldiers.
Cindy Diaz-Telly,
Troop Real Estate, Inc.,

To the Editor:
Just an observation: Today I drove down a small cul de sac; three different homes on the small block had American Flags displayed out front. I wonder if they are homes to young men or women serving our country now. or if a Veteran lives in one of those homes. Or maybe people that simply love this nation live in those homes. When a business keeps a light shining on an American flag through the night, for some reason it is a touching sight. Maybe they appreciate the freedom they have to create or become whatever they want. When our school district, or police or fire stations fly the flag half staff, we realize that someone who made a difference in our country or in the world, may have died. And respect for that life well lived is being given. As we sit and watch the incredible Olympics, every time they play our beautiful anthem, we are reminded of dedication to greatness...
It isn't just a rectangle of red, white and blue. The symbol has a lot of meaning in it...IF we put the meaning into it. Thank you to City Hall for putting up the new American Flag and State flag. They look beautiful!
Marie Alviz,

To the Editor:
RE: Hooray Fillmore Police Dept. - Shame on Fillmore Fire Dept.
My friend Lori Medrano was involved in an accident on Hwy 126 a couple weeks ago and I am appalled at what I saw. I was at the USA gas station when she was suddenly broadsided then knocked into oncoming traffic. I saw Lori's head slam up against her window and she wasn't moving. A diesel truck stopped just in time as Lori looked up and immediately moved back over to her original lane, 1 had my cousin’s baby strapped in her car seat so I couldn't run to help. It took a while before Lori got out other car but she rushed over to the woman who hit her and it was about five minutes before I saw her stumble back to sit inside her car. What came next is what shocked me.
The motorcycle officer began talking to Lori while several fire trucks and an ambulance showed up. The fire chief ran up to Lori for a few seconds then returned to the other woman. Other than that, out of all of those firemen, not one came to check on Lori the whole time she was there. 1 find it quite odd that Lori was the victim in this accident and she was hit really hard but no one came over to check her vital signs or anything so "Shame on Fillmore Fire Dept." Several minutes passed and the motorcycle officer had the cars moved into the USA parking lot so traffic could flow again.
Three patrol cars and an undercover car also pulled up to check on Lori. I applaud Fillmore's newest motorcycle officer who not only got traffic flowing in a quick manner but spent over a half hour with Lori as well as the other police officers for coming to help. I read in the paper that Lori didn't complain of any injuries but for anyone who knows her, we all know she is stubborn when it comes to herself and puts others first but it doesn't justify the situation of the fire personnel. Every fireman or tire woman should always check on each victim in an accident and just because someone may look fine or act okay, that is no excuse not to investigate their condition; I found out later that Lori suffered a concussion and a severe neck injury and I wish her a speed recovery. Maybe the Fillmore Fire Department needs a refresher course regarding concussions and caring for ALL victims and I think the Fillmore Police Department are the ones who need the raise instead!!
Jeremy Waid,

To the Editor:
DATE : August 26 2008
Fillmore, Ca
I’m amazed at the words that people use to describe our city council of Fillmore. But one thing. I do not understand is why all this wasted energy on yammering words. You forget we all have opinions and options (Opinion: A belief stronger than impression and less\strong than positive. Option: the power or the right to choose. But options, one must work at that, think before you engage into something like (open ones mouth to insert foot).We all still have options and opinions. And thankful we all live in the USA for that…If you don’t like something you have Option. You can fire off the mouth and write a lot of damming words of how bad your life is and in Fillmore, Ca. Very Bad Karma. For those with the loud and damning words, actions and many opinions, Why didn’t any of you opinionated individuals, Not put your names in the Hat for a city council positions or any other positions of our wonderful City of Fillmore, And try to do better for all = No you won’t because you don’t have the skill to listen and negotiate. When you elected your candidates in, then you can throw stones at them also when they cannot meet your demands. All you have are demands. That may work with animals and small children and with self centered individuals and people full of themselves--- We need thinkers--- Not opinionated individuals. If this city council did so many wrongs with your monies in your eyes, so many times, and are so dishonest and self centered, why wait for new elections?? You opinionated individuals missed one very important action to try and stop your pain a long time back. Some of you must like to wallow in your own manure. That word is IMPEACHMENT. For your information. It’s an Option, but it is easier to run ones mouth and pumps up your righteousness egos. Demanding will get you where?? No rest /no sleep/ no life / Think you need more No’s. & lots of pain enjoy it, you own that…
Thanks for your time. A very happy resident of El Dorado Estates
Raul Torres

To the Editor:
Date August 26 2008
Fillmore, Ca
In reply to Allen F. Hair: Comments on Aug 21 2008
You comment to Ms. Cuevas, that he would really like to contribute to your re-election campaign, Allen, well again we all have options, one option, just think you could quit, Your tobacco habit / hobby and those monies contribute to Ms.Cuevas campaign. On the other plus side, also you save your / our lungs and keep the butts out of the water way and off the streets. And your comment about El Dorado’s fiasco,( please elaborate) try one of many options, move out. And your last comment was== You were sorry. You do not have to be sorry.
Thank you for your time.
Raul Torres
A very happy resident of El Dorado Estates

To the Editor:
Date: August 26 2008
Fillmore, Ca
Response to Karen Reeves:
(Excerpt from Karen reeves letter to the editor from Ms.Shirley Spitler letter) Karen your comments are all Opinion: (1) YOUR COMMENT and Your Opinion: You are corrected the majority did not want Rent Control at the park." what your point. Telling Ms Spiller, that you don't live in El Dorado Estates!! That a point??
(1)YOUR COMMENT and Your Opinion: No, Shirley, I was at that same meeting too, and I don't think the majority got a chance to speak, Your Opinion again. Karen your wrong again that night in question the majority they said No!!!
And as for the not getting majority got a chance to speak. We did, we that addressed the City Council filled out a speaker cards.
(2)YOUR COMMENT and Your Opinion: The meeting was monopolized by the attorney, pushing and pushing, until City Council caved in! I don't think that the majority "didn't want" rent control, I think they are afraid, just like the City Council members were!!! Karen: Wrong again, Where you at the final meeting? Try the Math. Did you not Hear and understand the Fillmore’s Attorney what he was saying??? Now I wish not to go forward with all of your responses a waste of time to the readers and myself. (Thanks Ms.Shirley Spitler for your letter to David Reeves) (3)One last question, Why didn’t David R. Reeves answer Ms.Shirley Spitler.-- Ms.Shirley Spitler letter was for David R Reeves was it not?
Thank you for your time. Thanks for your time. A very happy resident of El Dorado Estates
Raul Torres