Letters to the Editor
August 27, 2015

To the Editor:
Hello Fillmore,
I am sure you have heard the news of the New Chevron project. I was at the monthly superfund meeting and a few things were talked about that you may or may not have interest in knowing. Chevron has decided that now they would like to go in the direction of a solar farm instead of the industrial and business park idea for their site. Why the change of heart? They said that economic viability, permitting, timing, environmental constraints and compatibility had them reconsider there plan A.
Solar has been on the table since the start, but minimal talk of it and even disregarding the idea from most talk was what took some of us by surprise. My feeling is that the recommendation that they received from the geologist that their buildings be 100 feet from the San Cayetano fault line if they were to have humans inside had a lot to with it. They would have had to redesign the entire site possibly. Now I feel that some (not many) felt that Chevron has wasted there time and not been forth coming on plans or did a bait and switch on them and right fully so. But I have said all along look at who you are dealing with. These are the actions that the neighbors and others have been working with this entire time and this is how they work. So do I believe that the solar farm will come to pass, well let’s just say I’ll believe it when I see it. In the meeting concerns about problems that could arise with solar were addressed as well as how it would impact neighbors and the school. So far it seems there are no big problem with the plans with the understanding that they ( Stion) will be looking into dust control for the permanent structure, some kind of security for site and if any thing can be done to mitigate these issues.
It was nice to see for the first time a county represenitive and the second time a city official at the meeting along with a few concerned community members.
The permit application has been submitted to the county so now it is a wait and see mode. If all goes as planned then work should start and end quickly. It was asked what neighbors & the community would see on the site. All solar panels would be south facing, 6 feet high, stationary tilt structure with a small 8by10by10 storage shed. That is it. Now I would have loved to see the site turned into some sort of wildlife preserve and returned to its natural state but…I guess this will have to do. The superfund meetings will be on hold until paper work is approved or not. So now you are in the know of the Chevron (Texaco) pacific coast pipeline superfund site.
A shout out to the ONE STEP Organization for their hard work and bring this superfund site to the attention of those directly impacted by this issue as well as a shout out to all the neighbors and groups that have put a lot of time and effort into keeping the health of our community now and in the feature a top priority.
Thank you again for your time,
Kathy Pace